Bang pt 1

Yoloday the 12th of Ready’reat 381 ONT. Thringal Pier, Warf District, Eiradun.

Emrys and Zakaram walked the pier once more. This is where the Dwarven ship had landed for repairs and Zakaram was sure there was an odd psychic echo in the area. The mystery of the hidden room, the kidnapped Dentoni, how that related to the Men’s revolution, or who those ninja’s were was still cloudy. Zakaram placed his hand on the iron eye ring and focused trying to feel the ship, to see what had been obscured. Emrys watched in mild fascination. As he pulled his coat tighter. It was cold, even for Ready’reat with a light snow coming off the lake, this would be a colder than normal winter he predicted. He readjusted his coat again noting that his shoulder slumped and it began to sag, that was quickly becoming annoying. He noted two men turn and begin walking up the pier to them. The fellow on the left was tall, maybe 6’1 he had a large shaggy beard and a wide brimmed hat pulled low, the collar of his brown coat was turned up against the weather. His companion could have been a twin for the way he was dressed but held a distinctly dwarven look to him. Emrys tapped Zakarum with his foot to alert him of their company. His companion looked up and stood dusting off the knee to his pants.

“Good day gentlemen” Zakarum offered as the two men approached. The tall one stepped forward offering a hand to shake, his voice was thick and guttural

“hello” he said, but as he took Zakarums hand he grabbed the human with his other hand and shoved him violently off the side of the pier, surprised and off balance, Zakarum went over.

“WHAT IN THE…” Emrys cried as he took a step away from the side of the pier and began to reach for a spell, he hadn’t the time as the dwarf threw open his coat, drawing twin pistols in the same action. Time seemed to slow as Emrys noted the beauty of the green and gold inlaid barrels of the pistols as the dwarf shot both rounds point blank into Emrys chest. The force of the impact knocked him from his feet as he fell to his back. The druid moved to get up from his prone position but once again felt the air rush from his lungs as the assailant who’d thrown his companion over the edge turned on him, he to drew forth twin pistols, not nearly as nice as the dwarves and again Emrys felt the air rush from his lungs as they were fired into his chest.

“Komm Lass Uns Gehen!”he heard the dwarf cry, and though he didn’t speak the language he was pretty sure that was dwarven. Emrys wheezed in pain as the man turned with the dwarf and both turned and ran. He wondered why they had chosen to flee instead of shooting again, but then noted Zakaraum clambering up the ladder further up the pier. In moments his friend was by his side

“Emrys, are you ok?” he knelt looking for the blood, he found none, pulling back Emrys coat he found the shiny surface of blue dragon scale armor. With four neat dents clustered near his heart. The impacts had winded him, but had been a far cry from killing him. The two looked at one another knowing a new mystery had just begun.



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