Evil... It's a Growth Industry

Selwynsday the 6th of Ready’reat 381 ONT, 4:45pm, Council Chambers, The Castle of Methulsala, Red Wall

Grand Admiral Thrawn entered the council chamber room in the high temple at the centre of the city of Redwall. He looked up and down the ruling council and was not impressed; on the far left end of the elongated rhombus table sat a tall golden Mink known as Grand Vizier Henrik Amedda. The creature was intelligent no doubt, known to be a schemer and have ears amongst all the Littles in Redwall, but often got caught up in his own schemes. To the right of the Grand Vizier sat Imperial High Councillor Janus Pestage a black footed ferret who shored up most of Lord Shepards Logistical issues. Janus was good at her job, yet had little understandings of the why behind her job. Further to the left still sat Acting Sub Secretary Kren Vanee a very large and portly brown furred Weasel. Kren dealt with the legal end of things, keeping the courts the police and the intelligence moving, Kren would likely be a problem later.

“Grand Admiral Thrawn…” the Vizier said in a deep baritone. “Welcome to the Imperial Council. Our message from Lord Shepard was a little obscure however…” Thrawn cut him off, he was at least two heads larger than the biggest of them being a Wolverine, and had little patience for drabble.

“I think the Lord’s letter was very clear… I am to rule in his stead, until such a time as he see fit to return… do any of you have a problem with this?” he bore his teeth as he spoke; the council members were unhappy but none chose to argue. “good… then let us get to work, there are a number of ineffienceies that may lead to weaknesses that I want us to begin correcting at once”

He ascended steps to the throne that had been placed here after the last of the Guard Mice had been killed off and sat down. It was a tight fit, but the symbolism was important.

“High Councilor Pestage… Let us begin with the uniforms for our soldiers”

“Yes Grand Admiral?” she said looking up at him

“I want the uniforms changed… first they appeared to be based on an old Guard Mouse Motif… get a designer to change that”

“Why?” she asked… he glared at her fighting back the fury that rose in his blood

“First and most importantly… BECAUSE I TOLD YOU TO YOU TWIT!” he roared causing the three to flinch. At that moment any who thought that the Grand Admiral might be easier to wrok with then Lord Shepard himself were reassessing that evaluation. “Secondly, because the Guard Mice are extinct… let’s give our men something more positive to strive towards then being sort of like a race that got wiped out” he looked around the room trying to see if his message was getting though “and another thing, quick show of hands on how many of you have tried on a Wyzel helmet recently?” no hands arose, “who implemented the new helmet design? The full faced ones?” the Grand Vizier raised his hands

“focus groups show that they are very intimidating Sir” the Grand Vizier said in his silky smooth voice

“but you never tried one on?”

“No Sir, I am afraid I have not had that pleasure” the Grand Vizier said a little unsure of where this is going

“That is a shame… because if you had tried one on… you would have discovered that YOU CAN’T SEEM A GODS BE DAMNED THING WHILE WEARING THE PIECE OF SHIT! WHAT IS THE USE OF A HELEMT OF OUR MEN CAN’T SEE THEIR ENEMIES WHILE WEARING THEM” spittle flew from his mouth as he roared at the council members, the three shrunk a little in fear but the High Councillor quickly scribbled a note to have the issue corrected. Thrawn sighed and ushered for the door, it opened and a small Chippious boy stepped in.

“Everyone…” the Grand Admiral said “this is Derek, our new special advisor” the Grand Admiral gestured to the Chippous, a boy of maybe 12 years. “From this point forward, major engagements will be run past Derek, if Derek sees a problem with the plan, then the plan does not happen… am I clear?”

“Grand Admiral, you can’t be serious” said Acting Sub Secretary Kren.

“I have never been more serious… mark my words, I have taken a solemn vow to assure Lord Shepard Empire is the greatest and longest lasting one on all of Argyle. I will take whatever measures I see necessary to see that vow upheld” there was a long silence in the council room as the ruling council began to understand the changes that were about to take place. “Now if I may turn our attention to the City of Red Wall. I want a team of board-certified architects and surveyors to examine the castle first and then the city at large and inform me of any secret passages and abandoned tunnels that we might not know about…”



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