I got a bad feeling about this

Sonsday the 7th of Ready’reat 381 ONT, 1:32pm, Dogwood Pass Air, lowlands, south of Eiradun

Thud Thud

Cholo jumped from the deck of the air ship with the heavy coils and quickly lashed the ship to the branches. He looked a long hearing the creaking of the breeze through the long dead branches of the tree and quickly recalled another reason why he hated Dogwood Pass as a resting stop. He turned and called to his companion a tall strong Lutrae known as Huey.

“let’s get some more methane for the balloons and get the ship ready to go before we go meet with Athne, I don’t want to be hear and longer than we have to” the Otter nodded to Cholo, his hedgehog friend, and jumped onto the branch and to begin the work. That being taking care of Cholo straightened his jacket and worked his way toward the truck where a large deck and bar had been built many years before. The branch was thick and filled with many small creatures running back and forth maintaining the few air ships that came in. He turned back and looked to his pride and joy. The Flitter Jay, she wasn’t much to look at, an old scrap heap many might call her, the methane balloons weren’t even being made anymore… most folks wanted their ships to be magic… but that required a magic user that you trusted on board… Cholo had no use for charlatans, as long as he had Huey, and enough coin to keep that old girl flying… well that was enough. He strode into the bar and sad down in a corner seat where he had a good view of the front door and the hall to the back. He ordered an acorn of ale and sat slowly sipping it waiting for Huey to return. Unfortunately luck was not with him on this day. As he saw a large toad come in carrying a jagged angry looking blade. The toad made eye contact and slid into his booth opposite him. Cholo put on his best smile

“Glarg… how nice to see you…” he started in a friendly tone “What brings you to Dogwood Pass”

“Yuuuuuuurrrrrp, burrrrrrble burp Yurp” the toad croaked, Glarg had never learned to speak the common tongue, though he understood it well enough, he always replied in anphib.

“Athne’s looking for me? Well I’m here to see her now, so she’s in luck”

“Glaaarrrck, Yurp YUUUUUURRRP”

“A bounty? Cause I’m a little late?”


“What’s a couple of months between friends?”

“Yurrrrrp, glock, throng Yurrrp”

“Now listen here ya big sack of warts! That run wasn’t my fault, things are getting tighter and tighter, and if you’ll just let me”

“Yurp, burb yurp…” Cholo had had enough, he’d seen Glargs hand tightening on his blade and wasn’t waiting to see how things were going to play out, he slammed the table forward pinning Glarg in his seat while simultaneously springing to his feet, drawing his knife and slashing the frog’s throat. Not waiting around he tossed a few coins on the table and left, deciding he had to go talk to Anthe and get the bounty taken off before things got really out of hand.



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