Little Dreams

Selwynsday the 6th of Ready’reat 381 ONT, 1:56pm, Seedus Farm, Just outside the City of Red Wall

Please Listen While Reading

Joseph Palmer, wiped the sweat from his brow as he looked out across the field. He watched in envy as the Wyzals in neat lines exited the city of Red Wall and began to march off. Spears held on their shoulders, chins held high, they were the protectors of the realm.

“Joseph… quit your day dreaming and keep puling those seeds, Lord Shepard will need our harvest to feed the army this winter” he looked over at his uncle who had called to him, he could see his cousins working a little further down. They all had dark brown fur and flat faces, they wore straw hats to shade their eyes from the hot fall sun.

“Uncle Walter, Why won’t you allow me to enlist? I wasn’t meant to be a farmer” Joseph said as he carried his hoe walking towards Uncle Walter in exasperation. The old farmer looked up to the sky hoping that the great mouskawits was looking down on him and understanding the trails he must endure.

“I have told you many times Joseph, we are not Wyzels, we are Volus, Volus do not kill”

“But I don’t feel like a Volus Uncle Walter… I feel like I can do more than digging; that I was meant for better things…”

“If you dug more, perhaps you would have a better sense of satisfaction,” Uncle Walter said with a chiding tone “… Joseph, when your parents left you here with me it was so that I would keep you safe, Lord Shepard’s Imperial Army is no place for the likes of us. Look down at the marching line, do you see any Vole’s any non Wyzels?”

“You could let me try… at least then we would know…”

“And who would help me with the rest of the fall harvest? I will never find another hand at this time of year… and you speak of greatness, we feed the populace of Red Wall… is that not great work… is that not a noble endeavor”

“Uncle Walter… that’s not what I meant… I Just…”

“That is exactly what you meant, you think it glamourous to hunt down a Hare or a Squirlus and run them through with a steel blade… that it will all be glory… your father thought that way… and where is he now? Get those fool ideas out of your head boy, now we’ve talked of this too long, we have a harvest to collect, and it’s not going to collect itself” with that Uncle Walter turned and deliberately pulled some seeds from the ground putting them in his sack. Joseph sigh and went back to his section, casting his gaze back to the remnants of the Imperial Army marching along the road to put down the evil rebels of the Fur and Foot Nation, or the Evil Clava. One day, he promised himself… one day he would fight on the side of right, and protect the innocent.


Finn… that you?


Little Dreams

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