Lose by a Hair Pt 2

Selwynsday the 6th of Ready’reat 381 ONT, 1:31pm, Rummage Glen, 23 miles north of Rosemellow Ridge, Country of Eiradun.

Titus Thorntree ran as fast as he could, he was almost clear of Rummage Glen, he knew he could likely slow down once he had the cover of the forest ahead. As he approached the exit of the valley where the cliffs and stream narrowed he began to slow, seeing what lay in wait for him. The tall poplar tree has three avian’s sitting in it watching him. But what he saw that truly worried him were the six or so Geomydes each armed with short swords and thick wooden shields and in the centre a large Erethizon. Standing a little back seemed to be a large Wyzel, probably of the Minkus family, he held a long sword in easy grip and had a lazy grin that denoted hunger. Titus came to a stop… he had thrown is main spear and lost one of his throwing spears leaving him one more throwing spear as well as his large hunting knife.

“Allo Mates… nice day for a jog ain’t it” Titus ventured to the group as his eyes and ears swiveled debating the best way to escape.

“So it appears to be” the Minkus said in a horse whispery voice. The creature strode forward a little, still maintaining a respectful distance from the Erethizon and his dangerous quills.

“Shade crowded fer my liking, haven’t seen Rummage Glen this busy in quiet awhile” Titus offered. The Minkus just shrugged. The Geomydes began to spread out in a semi-circle to surround the hare. “I ought warn you blokes, I’m Private Titus Thorntree of the 47th Hare Boarder Rangers, A contingent of the Fur and Foot Nation, I’ll be missed”

“I doubt it” the Minkus replied, at his signal two of the Avian Hawks took flight and began to circle on high. Titus drew out his spear, his foot nervously thumped. As he took a defensive crouch and waited for the attack to come. The Geomydes began beating their swords on their shields urging the dim witted Erathizon forward. The quilled creature thrashed its head back and forward and finally flicked out its tail, launching a series of six quills at Titus. He was ready for it, he sprung high into the air and back a couple feet, allowing the seven inch quills to stick into the ground where he’d stood. The Geoydes keep their banging as the Erathizon snorted in annoyance for having missed, it shambled forward ahead of the Minkus preparing to try again. “this will go faster, if you hold still” the Minkus offered in his whispered tone.

“If it’s all the same to you mate… I’d just as soon give it a whirl” Titus offered back keeping an careful eye on the avians above

“Suit yourself…” The Minkus said, he was preparing to say something else when Titus launched his last spear, not at the Minkus, nor the Erathizon or Geomydes, he threw it up into the sky… the Geomydes looked up following the spear at it collided with one of the Avians, who promptly screeched and began to fall from the sky. Titus whipped his knife from it’s sheath at the Minkus scowled at him “You threw away your spear, you fool, you think that knife will save you?”


The Avian crashed into the ground infront of the Erathizon, causing the creature to rear up in shock. Titus didn’t wait, he ran forward leaping onto the bird and using it as a springboard to jump over the Earthizon. As he flew through the air he flung his knife at the Minkus. The Creature was quick through and brought his arm up to deflect the shot from his face. Titus hit the ground and was off like a shot, running with all the speed of his ancestors.

“AFTER HIM” the Minkus shouted. Titus did not look to know the Geomydes and the Avians were hot on his heels. He ran as fast as he could and offered a prayer to Tu’er-Shen, the lord of Hares, to grant him the speed to make the tree line.


He heard the cry that all too often had signaled the end of one of his kin. Without looking he sacrificed speed and suddenly rolled hard to the left before regaining his feet and running again, form the corner of his eye he saw talons pull grass and brush he’d been running through from the ground. He leapt again… he knew in the woods he would have no problem outrunning the Geomydes, and he doubted the Erathizon had even moved, he’d never seen one run. It was the Minkus and the Avians that were his worries; if he made the thicker wood he’d loose the avians, then he would just be alone, unarmed and exhausted against a Minkus… and that was at best…. Things were not looking good for him.



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