Tobars Journal Pt 3

Selwynsday the 6th of Ready’reat 381 ONT, 6:23am, Low Market, Bazaar District, Eiradun

I had been given a few days to figure out how I wanted to make this happen, good! I needed the walk anyway. Needed to put the cowl back on, bring out my true self once more. The sun was coming up, damn… I hate the dawn, it always feels like someone left the grass out on the lawn overnight. Things had been quiet in the Bazarr… between the Deacon trying to keep things quiet and the shake up in the Rouges House, there was very little for a do gooder who wanted to violently work out some emotional issues to do. It was just after 6 when I heard the cry. Not four blocks from my old house.

“My baby, someone has stolen my baby” the neighborhood was waking up to hear the cries of a mother in pain. I was on it. She had seen her child at two in the morning when she’d woken with nightmares… poor women, she’d sent the kid back to bed without looking, maybe the monsters under the bed were real. I happen to know a lot about monsters, especially the local sort. And beating some intel out of a source was right up my ally. Randy the Snitch… I gave him the name, told me about a new fellow just in from the Fire Nation. Lestor Macavoy, a weasel if a fellow who cleans up jobs for coin. He also seems to have a fondness for hanging around at public parks and watching kids play. I got mad and broke Randy’s nose, who sits on that kind of information when there are kids at stake. His house was on the edge of the Bazaar, just over the wall into South Gate. A neat little cottage standing cozy with a picketed little fence and pink shutters. Why is it that filth and refuse can so easily set the ideals that decency so wants? The buildings were small here so I had to come from ground level, I crept over the fence and into the house… seems like our friend was out, fine, gives me a chance to find the baby and get her home. I entered the house and my stomach almost emptied, he must have had at least a dozen cats, the stink of the creatures was too much, the windows were painted shut and the airflow was almost none. I searched the house high and low, looking for the child, nowhere… maybe my source was wrong? Maybe he was out with the child still, do I wait in ambush or move on? That’s when I noticed, the cats seemed to stay in the living room, licking at their bowls. I steeled myself to take a look, and found what I hoped I wouldn’t… the cats licking a skull in their bowl.

Selwynsday the 6th of Ready’reat 381 ONT, 9:52am, Ranny Lane, South Gate District

Lester Macavoy returned from his regular church ritual. He approached his well-oiled gate and quickly entered his home. He did not like to be away from his kitties for any length of time, but it was important to maintain appearances.

“Lucy, Chole, Shadow… Daddies home” he called as he entered his home, breathing in the rich and earthy aroma of his little fur babies. He took another two steps before stopping… it was quiet… where was the ever pleasant mewing of Jasper or Luna? Where was the welcome call of Misty or Patches? They should be excited to see him, for he had just given them their favorite treat last night. He took a step into his living room and screamed at what he saw… four of his little kittens head lined neatly on the mantle “Peanut….” He cried in disbelief as he staggered forward… he could not take the sight of it, but as he turned he found his shelves, and the back of his chesterfield lined with the heads of his remaining cats. “Why… oh by the gods… why…” the man wailed. Out of the corner of the room from the shadow stepped a burly masked dwarf.

“You killed that baby, you fucking animal…” the dwarf growled in a hoarse voice. The man seeing the position he was in too a deep sniveling breath to calm his trembling lip and then spoke.

“You have caught me then, call the Dentoni” he voice has steadied as he looked to the dwarf, a look of confidence held in his eyes, there would not be enough evidence here to convict him of anything, the dwarf on the other hand would surely be lashed, if not worse for the murder of his precious pets. The dwarf punched him in the stomach and Lester doubled over in pain.

“People go to jail…” the dwarf growled “… animals get put down”



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