Will be Toruble Pt 2

Matronsday the 7th of Ready’reat 381 ONT, 8:12pm, Rum Gully, Riverflat District, Eiradun

William wiped the mud from his face and regained his feet bringing himself to a run. This is not how his day was supposed to go. He had urged Marion to keep after the crystal thieves to assure their mission was completed and to sort out any tenuous legal ground. Count Delacroix had been only too willing to allow that to happen as well. William had offered him a chance to walk away but the fellow had none of it, and then the battle had broken out. The half orc recalled having leapt back a few feet and raising his bow to fire, but the short bounty hunter had expected the move, he tossed some orange goo at him, it landed on and covered the front of his bow, hardening quickly and clogging the firing capabilities. William stored that information away for the future, it had been all too easy for the Count to negate his abilities. For a moment the two had just stared at each other, the Count shrugging his shield off his shoulder and into place while he drew his battle axe. William did the only thing he could think of, he jumped off the building and ran.

The Riverflat district was a middle class neighborhood, built with many residential homes, and minor shops and services to support them. William crisscrossed through allies and tight streets, a quick glance over his shoulder showed that Delacroix had no troubles keeping pace. William looked around for a place he could hide, most shops were closed and he wasn’t about to break into someone’s home. He rounded a corner knowing that at this rate the bounty hunter would have him within two blocks. He cast his gaze about furtively and their down on the next corner he saw a hope, a library. It was a small one, only three stories, likely just for the locals here, but it would be open and have numerous hiding spots; or if worse came to worse cramped corners that would negate the Counts battle axe. With new vigor her raced down the street and took the steps to the library three at a time. With all his might he threw himself at the door


It was locked

Near desperate he pounded on the door… then pounded again, looking back and seeing the bounty hunter quickly approaching, he rapped a third time, and as he did the door opened. William didn’t wait, he threw himself through the door stumbling past the tall skinny man who had stood in the door way. at this time the Count slowed walking up the last few steps and calling out to him.

“There is nowhere to go William. You put up a good run, I will attest to it, your reputation will not be sullied by giving up now” William panted and looked to the man in the doorway who wore a stunned expression on his face.

“Please help me” William implored breathing heavily and trying to slow his heart. The man looked from William back to the Count before speaking up

“What seems to be the problem here?” his voice was young and strong. The Count stepped forward fumbling with a scroll tube.

“My name is Joshua, Count Delacroix, Earl of Croy, Marquess of Ishlathal and Grant Island, Baronet of Theming, I am the descendent of the third daughter of Lord Pepsica the 4th, Lady Alice and proud citizen of Don-Ton…” he said producing a sheaf of papers “That man is William Brutus, a fugitive whom I am trying to bring to justice…”

“To Omars, with false charges… their trying to silence me, because I did what was right!” William said with power and vehmanence. The Count nodded to William

“Very possibly, but I am not a Justice nor a Lawyer, I suspect you will have an opportunity to plead your case when delivered…”

“What case, they will kill me… it’s not like they will be fair about it” the man in the doorway nodded hearing both sides. The Count shrugged to Williams protests and began walking forward once more, but the man in the doorway placed his person firmly baring the way. the Count stopped looking annoyed

“Master… uh?”

“Tian’amen… Curative Tian’amen actually” the man offered, the Count bowed his head

“Curative Tian’amen, I have well stated my case and facts, if you choose to intercede I will be within my rights to use force to attain my bounty” Tian’amen nodded vigerously at this

“Yes of course, under the Giant-Slayer statue of 315ONT, a person or persons who have been deputised by the law may use a reasonable amount of force in order to bring a known or suspect criminal to justice within the standings of the martial statues” Tian’amen quoted. The Count took a half step back and smiled impressed. “I have been studying up on Eiradun law… one of the reasons why I am at this library”

“Very good lad, knowledge of the laws of the great cities is a very noble and rewarded pursuit” the Count said. William was aghast, he could not believe what was happening and was debating trying to sneak away while these two quickly became boosum buddies. Tian’amen continued his conversations

“I have learned a great many things, for instance, did you know that a persecuted individual can plead sanctuary on holy ground, and if accepted the bounty hunter has no licence to pursue on those ground”

“I did my friend; that slippery law has come up before; there are versions of it across the Dwarven Empire and even in Don-Ton” the Count replied, putting the head of his axe on the ground and resting easy on it. William looked around again, and for the first time noticed the holy symbol hanging around Tian’amen’s neck… he did not recognise it, but thought he would try whatever he could

“SANCTUARY!” Willaim cried, causing both Tian’amen and the Count to start. The Count shook his head almost morosely

“I am sorry dear William, but Sanctuary must be pleaded on holy ground, the Curative here cannot interfere”

“Well, funny thing…” Tian’amen said, causing both hunter and hunted to look at him “Did you know that in Eiradun, in memory of the Great Lord Prometheus and his pursuit of understanding that libraries when opened are blessed by a member of his church and dedicated in his name… oooo…” he said as he saw the Counts brow furrow “…I am guessing you did not… I am afraid that this might put a damper on our budding friendship, as I have read great amounts about the Omar Incorporation and would have to side with William here… William I accept your Sanctuary” by this time the Counts face was very red.

“Well Curative… You understand that this places us in opposition…” the Count began. Tian’amen nodded somewhat sadly “I consider myself duly informed of your Sanctuary, but will be lodging a protest with the guard to have it revoked… William, if you leave that Library I will be waiting” he said then placed his papers back in his scroll tube and turned walking back down the steps to the street. Tian-amen closed the door and turned to William.

“Welcome to Wolsey Library”



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