Anya Wayforger of clan Morgrain


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The Oldest of four sisters born to the Wayfinder household. Anya’s father was a high priest of the stone her mother was next in Line to be torrent of Kal-Zandri. Though her parents rose to great hights through the worship of these powerful beings Anya herself was always wary of the Gods. finding them too great too powerfull and too absolute. The Zeal in which her family followed their edicts even unto death was terrifying. the codes and laws passed down that people followed unquestioningly were just unreasonable. Yet not wanting to oppose her parents will and not daring to question the structed of a society under marshal law she acted the good little worshiper of the stone and Kal-zandri hoping with all her heart that she was never chosen for one of the tests of faith that happened so frequently within the ranks of the worshipers of the brakish emperor.

Her three younger sisters: Tala, Ulrica, and Laurentia had three distinctly different views on that topic. Tala the quiet second youngest wanted to follow in their parents footsteps studying religious texts of every god she could get her hands on excitedly pondering over which god would be right for her and what kind of cleric she would become. Ulrica the second oldest had no leaning either way and aproached the gods the same way she viewed most things in her life with a wistful whimsy preferring to observe and ponder than to actively take part in things. The bundle of energy that was her youngest sister Laurentia saw the gods as big bullies taking the spotlight from all the poeple that do the real work but in her opinion there was no fear or aw just annoyance at the audacity of those big airheads in the sky or water or ground or wherever they hung out… Anya when she was young had had one other sibling that her sisters were not aware of. A younger brother that died in his early childhood…to drowning in a frigid northern stream. her and her brother Felan had been playing in the late spring while they waited for their parents to conclude their business in that small mountain village before returning to the great city that they called home. Felan saw an exotic bird burst forth from the nearby bushes and chased after it trying to get a closer look. Dashing along the banks of the just opened stream he tripped and fell into the friged fast running waters. Anya made a valiant effort to save him but even when she managed to pull him out of the stream soaked and shivering he wasn’t breathing and by the time help came he was gone. From that day forward Anya never got to close to large bodies of water if she could help it. the Irony of her mother becoming a Preistess of KAl-zandri so many years later is not lost on Anya nor is her anger towards her mother and the other priests for interpreting that tragedy as a sign to join the water church.

Anyas magical awakening came several years later. Before coming to the future and joining the respective churches Her family had been a lower cast and oft times had to suplement their living however they could when it came to food and lodging. Anya found that she was able to “ask” the world things that allowed her family to successfully go to where the game was. Never having anyone to properly train her and the fact that her parents both leaned towards devine practice in the future meant that Anya was pretty much souly self taught and was never allowed to excel like others with her gifts.

Anyas pubescent years were a blur of change and confusion as the shift to the future happened. the war with the dark armies was introduced. her father joining the stone and beginning worship that would change not only the structure of the family but their status as well. Her mother creating a small rift between herself and anya by becoming a priestess of Kal-zandri. And being a chosen favored rising to high status rapidly in the few short years that she resided within that clergy. wealth privilege threat of ever present death and the eventual joining into the A of A to fight the good fight were all things that hit anya hard leaving her feeling small and out of place and undeserving of the things given to her by the presige of her parents. She missed the simple times before but was given no time to remissness or even really understand her place in all of this. All she wanted was to try to keep her unit her family her pack together anyway she could though in the face of the gods and heros demands her words mine as well be whispers in a thunderstorm. Year by year sermon by sermon battle by battle. Her pack was getting pulled apart by the raging torrent that was this tumultuous new world. It Took her father at High port, his parting words had been a praise to a being that asked for blood for salvation. It took her mother at the battle of dwarfgate agonizingly close to the end of the war. It left the four sisters alone with the responsibility of mantaining the hastily built foundations of the wayfinder family name.

Anya joined the 1st air cavalry unit under Gemeni Helderheck. Hoping that the young dwarven commander could instill some courage into her shaky heart. Anyas mount was Argwen a Hippogriff that had she and her brother had found so long ago as a chick in that same mountain village orphaned and starving. Her family had taken it in and raised it to help with hunting. when they had come to the future Argwen had been trained for war of coarse. Now Anya was ready to ride her into combat for the first time when the war ended. She had watched from Argwens back as Queen Selwyn carved through the demon ranks like a devine bladewind and like that it was all over. Several months later she was caught up in a runeic accident sending her far into the future.. again now she once again struggles to keep up with all the changes around her and argwen on an argyle unlike she has ever seen.

Anya Wayforger of clan Morgrain

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