Baron George Cooper

The Baron of Pirates Swoop


This Tall Hanson middle aged Honalian has a long list of accomplishments

Born in Corus he ended up fighting on the streets to protect his neighborhood. When the Avatars of Kelezandri came to his time, George invested in them, giving them a home and skills, even building them a Ship known as Kelezandris Claw in return he asked for safe passage back to tehri time for he and a handful of his loyal people.

George was commissioned as a Captain in Kelezandri’s Navy, Commanding The Stubby Narwhale he was instrumental in the Battle for Tukin. and aided in unlocking the Gates of Erindale. He then played a large role in the Liberation of High Port and the prep work for the Stronghold Liberation Campaign. he founded and built Pirate Swoop from his own spoils and was officially gifted the land as a barony in the year 22ONT

George runs a tough but fair Barony, keeping the seas around his land safe for traders of all flags, and offering any in need a safe harbor, he is known to be quick with a joke, though dangerous to anger as many of his adversaries tend to go…. missing?

though it has yet to be proven many believe he is The Rogue and that he holds considerably sway and power in numerous cities due to his title. though accusing a Baron of Rehume and a great hero of the invasion is usually a very poor choice for people hoping to live long


Baron George Cooper

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