Elba Dewhurst


A proper women of Eiradun Elba is a bit of a mystery, known as the owner and proprietor of the The Eagles Splendor she can be a guiding kindly women or a harsh tongue to point out the failures you have brought about yourself. she has little tolerance for drunken buffoonery and is known to call on the aid of her son Thock to keep the rowdies in line

Her Son is a mystery to most, Elba never married and aside for a three year sojourn to Rehume and back has never left Eiradun, and yet she returned with the infant Thock. though she sometimes appears to treat him harshly she lends him a mothers love and has no tolerance for those who would tease or abuse him. she has been known to search the warf should Thock go missing and the gods help you if she believes you are taking advantage of her “poor boy”

Elba is known to be a goodly women, true to her word and reliable, but not one who would ever allow hand outs


Elba Dewhurst

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