Empress Yolonda Giantslayer of Clan Morgrain


Empress of the Dwarven Peoples, Queen of the Dwarven Stronghold, Matron of Clan Morgrain, Master Smith of Skyforge, Bearer of the Axe of the Dwarvish Lords, Hero of the Invasion, Daughter of the Gods, Rescuer of the Dumathion Five

She has many titles, Daughter of the God-King Yolo, Daughter of the Goddess Selwyn Sudari,

A Fiery Personality that cannot be held back and irrefutable optimism, Empress Yolonda is a force to be reckoned with, quick to laugh, sing or dance she has always craved adventure and glory in battle and life. She lives and breathes by the tales of her parents and the dwarves of old. Through hard work and tenacity she has rebuilt the dwarven kingdoms and forged them into a mighty empire bringing safety and security to the world of Argyle.

She has Strawberry blond hair, greying now with age with a short nose, she stands at 4’11 although she carries the Axe of the Dwarven Lords she still tends to favor her old Urgosh.

Now as her 400th year approaches rumor has it she is thinking of ceding the throne and searching out her twin Soshana Giant Slayer once more… The Empress never took a husband and sired no children, so much speculation stands on who will rule the Dwarven Empire once she leaves.


Empress Yolonda Giantslayer of Clan Morgrain

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