Fantine Burton [DTR]


Fantine was born in Rehume to Felix and Euphrasie Tholomyes. They passed away early in life, her father first and later her mother who could afford to care for her and had to place her in an orphanage to care for her. Her mother lost her job and soon turned to an underworld life to try and earn enough money to care for her child, it was sad as she would have been found unfit had she ever raised the money. Her life on the streets ended up killing her but not before she bumped into a former acquaintance Mr Yuren Burton. He heard of her daughter, and knew the fate of children not adopted in Rehume orphanages, quickly he went and vowed to raise her as his own. They lived only briefly in Rehume, then Tukin and finally Don-Ton, Fantine loves her adopted father as he showers her with love and affection though also strives to protect her from the harsh realities of the world around her.


Gnome, blonde, 3’4

Fantine Burton [DTR]

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