Private in A of A, Dactyl, Time Travelling Gunslinger


I’m Private Gemma, Dactyl Gunslinger, of the 1st Dwarven Wardens of the Iron Barrels, and this is my story so far.

I was born in the hills and mountains. Both my parents are still with us. I have one sibling, a younger sister named Hilda.

I was part of the middle class at Chistle’s Point. Her family was part of the class of merchants, artisans, tradesmiths, etc.

My mother was a merchant named Greta. My father was a gunsmith named Johann. He was looking to make a name for himself in the new technology of firearms. He wanted to create a legacy for himself and his family.

When I was younger, my life was put into disarray when my family among many others travelled to the future with the Armies of Argyle. They settled in Chistle’s Point which was a bustling settlement with many different faiths, races and backgrounds mixed together. My parents re-established their trades and businesses. They catered to a wide clientele including magical and non-magical. I grew up non-magical, preferring things that I could touch and feel and create with my own two hands. I saw what people were doing with magic, and developed a chip on my shoulder regarding magic. Chistle’s Point was constantly being attacked and destroyed by magical means. The amount of times, my parents had to rebuild their businesses, it was too many times to count.

I always looked forward to when traveller would come to town, who would bring me trinkets and the like. He called himself Raven Everlast.

But it was wartime and things were hard. Most of the food/resources developed went towards the war effort, as it should. The Armies of Argyle needed all the support we could give them to defeat the devils, demons and aberrants. It was our duty to do our bit for the war effort. Everyone needed to put forward a certain amount of what they produced/sold for the war effort. There was to be no hoarding, no cheating the A of A in this matter. But I found out information from Anya Wayforger, one of my fellow Dactyls, from one of our most trusted noble families that my mother was cheating the war effort. I was horrified and ashamed that any member of my family could have acted in such an unpatriotic and selfish manner. I felt that could give no quarter, it was important to follow the law in such matters. Even if it was family. So I turned her into the authorities. They arrested her during one of the holy festivals. Everyone was there to see her humiliation as she was taken away. I suppose I should have felt guilt as my actions, but I did not feel any guilt. She broke the law and she was held accountable. She will do her time and rehabilitated. Once that was completed, I was sure she would rebuild her business.

My father took my side, the side of right, in this whole affair. He was also ashamed at what she had done. He sold firearms to the Army of Argyle. In order to keep up his contracts to manufacture firearms for them, he couldn’t be seem in any way collaborating/sympathetic to such unlawful actions. He and my mother divorced. He took custody of me and my sister.

After that I helped my father in his gunsmith business and in my free time, I decided to enjoy myself, and I did enjoy myself immensely. I had numerous romanitc relationships but they always seemed to fail. I wasn’t sure why. I liked to have a good time, maybe they couldn’t handle women who could handle a firearm better than they could.

As soon as I was of age, I joined the Army of Argyle myself. With my interest and knowledge of firearms, they assigned me to the 1st Dwarven Wardens Company – Iron Barrels. It was the first unit designed to utilize firearms in battle. My Captain was Narc. He sure was a ball-buster. He ruled our unit with an iron fist and I must say I liked it. I tried to express my romantic interest but he wouldn’t give me the time of day. It certainly was against protocol to have romantic relationships between a superior and subordinate so I had to respect the law in this matter. I definitely spent a lot of time cleaning and maintaining my firearms though.

Knew Anya’s family through mass sermons, from noble/high ranking family. Knew Bronwyn from her ship purchasing supplies from my parents businesses.

I fought in one of the last battles of the war, on the Eastern front. We were saved by Honolayan troops. The war was won! The next big event coming up is the Dwarven Stronghold will be moved magically back to its original location. I’m sure it will be exciting stuff, YAWN.



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