George Harley

A Human from Eiradon


George is a Human from Eiradun and works as a Customs Officer in the Warf District. George has a sister and a niece and nephew who live in South Gate.

George used to be a captain of his own ship the KHS Wave Runner. on a fateful day he say an Eiradun passenger vessel trapped in a squall, he took his ship out and sacrificed it to save the people on the Eiradun ship. The Quim had offered to build him a new ship, but instead he chose to move to the Eiradon, and was granted a job as a Customs Officer. he has worked hard sniffing out smugglers and is known to be fair and good tempered while on the Job, he is well liked on the Warf and popular at the Tiny Sea Cucumber (his pub of choice)

he is well muscled adn stands around 6 feet tall, his is in his mid to late forties, and is known to be fond of pipe weed from Crymeeriea


George Harley

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