Governor Varrick Galespiri of Rehume

A Large Marid


This Marid was sent by Kelezandri to aid in the protection and work of the New Holy City Rehume, that was 387 years ago. He is a jovial fellow well acquainted with the Brackish Lord, he has a fondness for song and story’s, particularity obscure ones. he enjoys dates before all other foods, and especially loves cheesy kids jokes or puns, the younger the one telling it the better, he is said to reward children handsomely if they tell him a joke he has never heard before.

He was well groomed with a finely manicured goatee the beard held in place by a simple gold band; he stood perhaps sixteen feet in height, and his black hair cascaded down to his shoulders, his green eyes looked all the more vivid in contrast to his muscled skin and they carried themselves with a hint of mirth. He wore a simple blue vest, an indigo brackish wyrm writhing across it, and large puffy pants of a purple and golden hue.

He is known to be very intelligent and shrewd when looking out for “his city” he also is known to have moments of sadness when reminded of his youth or love long lost.


Governor Varrick Galespiri of Rehume

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