Jamieson Ironbraid of Clan Morgrian


Jamieson Ironbraid is the “Patron” of clan Morgrain within the city of Eiradon the old dwarf is known to spend his days at a public park in Ruterd playing Somba

Jamieson is a well respected member of the community and the unofficial spokesmen for a Clan Morgrain Dwarves in Eiradon and all dwarves in Ruterd. he is known to have fought in both the invasion war, and the battle of Hrocks Break.

He has also been seen publicly arguing with Dentoni and even the Quim when it comes to “The Rights of His Lads” which can be attributed to any male dwarf in Ruterd, that being said, it is also well known that any time the Quim has asked Ruterd for aid, Jamieson has also not only answered the call, but led the way by brow beating any neigh sayers into submission,.

little is known about his relationship with the Quim, but their is a history there that predates anyone else in Ruterd, if not Eiradon


Jamieson Ironbraid of Clan Morgrian

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