Liam Ironarm

The Shang Dragon


He was born to a farming family. A Shang warrior visited when he was four and brought him into the fold. Liam was taught at the Shang school in Maren, and was likely raised there. Eda Bell, the Shang Wildcat, was his instructor in kick fighting. Once he finished his training at the school, he became a wandering martial artist and went all over the Eastern Lands, and perhaps a fair bit beyond that. In his travels, he became acquainted with Roger of Conté—whom he despised, although it is unknown how and why they came to dislike each other. Liam later described Roger as being “rotten through and through”. Liam also knew Mast Si-cham, a Mithran priest, as well as Sir Myles of Olau. He became the Shang Dragon at some point, choosing a flashy name and title. Few Shang Dragons lived as long as he has, and he was immensely proficient at all types of combat.

At some point, an accident happened that made him deeply afraid of magic. As he knew Duke Roger, it could be assumed that Liam’s fear of magic has something to do with the great sorcerer, who was not known for his ethics in the uses of magic. Shang warriors also forbade those with magic to practice Shang, their argument being that mages would use it as a crutch and be powerless without. This may Also result from his Uncle Talibius and his resound disappointment in mortals for their misuse of magic

Liam came through from the past and fought in the invasion war, his last known sighting was when his cousin Entarez sent him on a mission to save Entraez’s adopted mother from a Emerald Dragon in the South. History has not recorded him since


Liam Ironarm

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