Master Kehi Forgebreaker of Eiradun of Clan Durin

A half dwarf trying to get by


Kehi was born 50 years after the Invasion, he was born to a human mother in Eiradon

his father had been a solider on patrol, the story is an old one, but the father through some goading eventually recognized the half human half dwarf as his son, at least so far as to lend him the family name and clan name and send some gold each month. his mother died on his fortith year, and though the gold continued to come, it was made abundantly clear that their was no home in the dwarven stronghold for him. Kehi worked hard saving his money, he found it hard to gain rights to run his own shop, but after a long serries of appeals eventully taking his case all the way to teh Quim herself, he was indeed granted rights to purchase land and own his own shop.

Master Kehi is well known in Eiradun for running The Jumbo Potato Hobby Store he is said to be a kindly fellow, quick with a grin and always has a candy or sweet for little ones when they visit his shop,

he is older now entering his 351st year, his balding head caused him to shave it, along with most his beard, his clan still sends him monthly a pouch of gold, and though he bares the name of a dwarf a sad look often enters his eyes when speaking of his fathers homeland


Master Kehi Forgebreaker of Eiradun of Clan Durin

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