Meagre Pickins

A Waylyn Out of Time


Meagre is a tiny creature, a Waylen standing 3 inches tall. His body is covered in light brown fur and his black eyes have been described by many as “beady”.


Meagre was orphaned at a young age, found trapped in the bottom of an empty jug of ale. Two Dactyls found him, while walking in the forest outside Chistel’s Point.

Thrinan Pickins heard the panicked crying of a child and was surprised to find the sound coming from a jug at the base of a tree. He drew his Urgosh immediately, gesturing for his intended, Gamul, to get behind him as he surveyed the forest around him. While he searched for the evil creature that had no doubt lured them here for an ambush, Gamul lifted the jug and whispered to it’s tiny prisoner, “It’s alright now, I have you.”
The mouse quieted to whimpers as it peered out at the Dactyl’s kind face, stretched out by the curve of the glass.
“Thrinan,” she said placing a hand on the soldier’s tense shoulder, “I do not think this is a trick, I think this may be a baby Waylyn.”
The soldier squinted at the small shape in the jug, his face was much harder than his partner’s, it caused the tiny creature to curl into a ball in fright.
“A Waylyn? How would a Waylyn baby wind up here?”
“I don’t know, but it needs our help.” She tilted the jug slowly and the little one slid down toward the opening. It sniffed for a while before setting a tentative paw on Gamul’s hand.
“It’s okay,” she whispered, “I won’t let anyone hurt you.”
Two beady eyes looked uncertainly toward the soldier’s weapon, then up at the Dactyl woman’s face. With a hitched cry, the Waylyn child tumbled out onto Gamul’s palm.

Gamul raised the Waylyn child, who eventually became a Pickins when she married, despite her husband’s objections. Thrinan referred to the child’s meagre presence so often that the name stuck. Meagre’s Dactyl parents had a daughter and named her Thari.
Thrinan died when Miracle Day ended, having taken the brunt of a Demon attack on Chistel’s point then left to suffer for 19 days until a coma could be induced. Meagre had spent those 19 days trying his best to make Thrinan laugh. He had discovered a power within him to create tiny whirlwinds, and animate small things. Thrinan managed to smile twice during that time. When the great Avatar Hansel arrived, and told him he could bring him peace, Thrinan spoke to his wife of how much he loved her. He told her that her kindness forced him to be a better man, and that he was so thankful she had been a part of his life. He spoke to Thari of his pride in her, and told her that she would have to take care of Gamul now. He then turned to Meagre and said, “You’re not so bad, really.” It was the nicest thing Meagre’s adoptive father had ever said to him, and the last thing.

As Meagre grew, so did his power. By the age of 10, he could freeze objects, and light things on fire. Gamul understood his gift required guidance she could not give, and encouraged him to attend the Mage school, but his entrance exam went terribly wrong. At first the wizards were very pleased with him, but when he accidentally lit a jar of thunder stones on fire, everything went very wrong, very quickly. 3 young wizards lost their lives that day, and Meagre was banned from using his power within the cities of the A of A.

Meagre withdrew from everyone but Gamul. When the Halflings from Don Ton came, Gamul had to draw a 13 year old Meagre out of the woodwork with the smell of cheese before he would speak with them. Without any explanation of his abandonment, Meagre learned of his parent’s death, and was left with a small fortune: 50,000 pieces of Don Tonian gold.

At first, this money seemed like a miracle. Meagre bought his mother a fine house in Boytano Bay, and put forth the money for her to start her own shop, Threads & Things, where she sold the fine threads and yarns she spun. He paid for his sister to attend the Pan-optic Laboratory of Enlightenment. At 12 years old, she was the youngest student ever, but Meagre knew she had a gift and wanted to see her use it since he could not use his own. He paid 3 times the entrance fees and the administrators agreed not to make her wait. He even bought a set of fancy saddle bags for his pig, Chris, and a custom saddle.

Within the year the sadness set in again, he felt trapped in his own skin. He needed to use his magic or else he feared it would consume him. But Mayor Brina had been very clear when she laid down his sentence. What he needed was a distraction. He began to spend his money gambling and drinking, and discovered he was quite good at both!

When he heard that a group of Runeists were going to move a mountain (well, just the tip, but none the less) using magic he couldn’t resist. He caught a ride on his friend’s boat. (He bought her a pint and she hid him in her pocket, put Chris below deck with some livestock that was being brought in for the celebration.)

But when the magic started, he could tell something was wrong. He felt the same way he had felt that day at the entrance exams. Then poof lightening hit him and he woke up in a field 380 years in the future.

Meagre Pickins

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