Raphael Dela Mingo

A young dashing human


Recently lost favour in the courts of Don-Ton Raphael has moved south to Crasmere while his parents sort out his estranged status, he is currently staying with an old friend of his fathers Diego de la Vega. Raphael his impetuous as many youth are, and has not taken kindly to the laws or attitudes of Eiradun twice already it has taken Diego’s smooth tongue charm, and likely coin to convince the Prannie that Raphael need not have formal charges levied against him.

Raphael is spoiled, but has a good heart, and being a Nobel of Don-Ton feels he has the power to right whatever he sees as wrong, unfortunately he has neither the sword nor gun skills to back up his mouth and accusations. He and Diego are not eager for the day he can return to Don-Ton


Raphael Dela Mingo

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