Talia So'Krat


Talia So’Krat was born in the year 362ONT in Eiradon, Eiradun. Talia stands 5’7 with long brown hair and brown eyes. She is human, being the only daughter of one of the senior Pranies.

Talia at age twelve was fostered as per the Great Accord. She has spent the last six years as a ward of the Country of Rehume. Talia had a number of talents but in her last two years found an interest in Fluid Dynamics and began to study there. Upon her return she moved back home to Crasmere, unfortunately after living in a city like Rehume for so many years, Crasmere could not hold her interest. She recently moved to Eiradon in hopes of becoming of Dentoni. Life in the capital has been more exciting, then Crasmere, but Talia has found that the ordeals of becoming a Dentoni are not for her, she finds the constraints of the system too much and has trouble following protocols for the sake of following protocols. Most other youth would simply have been dismissed, but the High Dentoni had declared that since Talia had sacrificed so much during her fostering, they would attempt to find some other avenue for her to work, since then she has been a guest of the High Dentoni and awaiting a job that can hold her attention and passion.


Talia So'Krat

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