Thane Ruaidhri Grimmountain of Clan Aule


Ruaidhri (Pronounced Rory) has rose quickly through the ranks, his mother a Dwarf, his father a Dactyl he is from the first generation born post war. He fought hard to restore the honour of Clan Aule leading a large dwarven and dactyl host against northern giants that threatened Skyforge. he won many medals and commendations eventually earning his own sub clan Grim Mountain.

The Grim Mountains grew in power, and wealth with numerous campaigns won and lands honoured to them, when the former Thane of Aule passed Ruaidhri was really the only choice, a good leader, friend of the powerful Clan Morgrain, and supported by Dwarves and Dactyls alike


Thane Ruaidhri Grimmountain of Clan Aule

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