The Fiddler (AofA Rogue)


In his early years, Isaac Bowin was a petty thief working the streets of Agrobah. While Bowin was attempting to rob a local merchant, local authorities found and apprehended him, whereupon he was taken to prison. During his incarceration, Bowin met an old Honalian Bard who used the power of music to hypnotize and control the actions of a deadly cobra. Bowin pressured the Bard into teaching him the mystical powers, and the Honalian finally relented. Bowin proved an apt student, and before long, his knowledge surpassed that of his teacher. Using random materials found in his cell, Isaac fashioned a crude fiddle and used his new knowledge to escape from prison. He no longer required the services of the old Bard, so he used the power of his fiddle to murder him. Afterwards, he tracked down the merchant he attempted to rob earlier and executed him as well. Calling himself the Fiddler, Bowin went to Eiradun to begin a new life of crime.

Bowin relocated to Eiradon, where he constructed a new fiddle for himself, one even more powerful than the simple instrument he used to escape from Agrobah. This destructive instrument possessed the power to hypnotize others, generate sonic waves of force and erect force field bubbles. He also designed a custom-made carriage molded to the shape of a violin. Using his stylized repertoire to commit elaborate crimes, the Fiddler soon found himself in conflict with Eiradun resident super-hero the Avenging Angel of Avengence. The Avenging Angel of Avengence attempted to stop the Fiddler, but quickly found himself the victim of the Fiddler’s hypnotic powers. The Avenging Angel of Avengence eventually defeated the Fiddler and sent him to prison. The Fiddler soon escaped and fought the Avenging Angel of Avengence several more times.


Description: Half Elfaged 42-59, grey hair, green eyes

Area of Operation: Bazaar and High market Districts, Eiradon

MO: uses fiddle and music as a theme, very dangerous magic user

The Fiddler (AofA Rogue)

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