The Shade (AofA Rogue)


A Rehume gentleman named Richard Swift, a young elven male. One night in Rehume, Swift was trapped amidst an unexplained mystical tragedy, which killed 104 people. The most immediate of effects upon him was the permanent loss of all memory before the incident; fortunately, a carriage appeared and took him in. The gentleman who had picked him up gave him the name Piers Ludlow, and offered to help him reencounter his past. Accepting his “kindness”, Swift was taken to Ludlow’s house and was taken to a house the next evening. However, the whole affair was a setup; the whole Ludlow family was in fact a band of killers and swindlers, and they had perpetuated a scheme many times over: to kill one of their wealthy, reclusive business partners and have a vagrant killed in his vicinity to give the impression of a failed robbery/homicide. However, when they intended to repeat the scheme with Swift as the scapegoat, he reflexively unleashed magical shadows, killing all the present Ludlows. Only a young pair of twins, absent from the excursion, survived.
for decades thereafter, Swift lived a relatively normal life, one which changed when Rupert Ludlow, one of the surviving twins, appeared and ambushed him along with a band of hired killers, informing him of the murderous intent of the family and of its exponential growth. Though grievously injured, Swift still managed to kill Ludlow. Afterward, he left Rehume and started a career as an adventurer/assassin/observer on life, which spanned the whole of Argyle and led him to many adventures. He established himself in Eiradun, acquiring real estate and generally living well, although he never quit the adventuring life, ensuring he would always have a considerable fortune waiting for him. During all of the Shade’s escapades, he had been pursued quite actively by the Ludlows, whom he abated with little remorse, killing dozens of the family before meeting Marguerite Croft, a young lady, with whom he fell in love and established with in Lockland for a short time. Unfortunately, she proved to be a Ludlow, and tried to kill Shade by poisoning him. Shade survived the toxins, and was forced to kill Marguerite when she confessed that though she loved him, she would make more attempts on his life due to loyalty to her family. This left Shade with a sense of general depression and the feeling he could never love again.

He returned to Eiradun after this and clouded by depression his life turned more towards assassination and crime than anything else. His heart has grown cold and he works not for money but for amusement. After having his plans thwarted by the Avenging Angel of Avengence he has decided to destroy the incumbent hero as that takes mind off his broken heart for a time


Description: elf aged 215-260, black ahir, grey eyes

Area of Operation: Eiradon

MO: uses shadow magic and acrobatics to win the day

The Shade (AofA Rogue)

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