The Thinker (AofA Rogue)


Cliff Devoe, Don-Ton’s High Advocate, became frustrated with his inability to stop crime. After he lost a high-profile case against House of K Boss Hunk Norvock, Devoe decided he was on the wrong side. He offered Norvock a deal: in exchange for room and board, he would apply his mind to any task Norvock wanted. Devoe spent the next ten years doing nothing but researching and planning crimes, earning the nickname, the Thinker. Norvock finally called in the favor, then tried to kill Devoe as a potential rival. Devoe was prepared for every contingency, and Norvock ended up killing himself. The gang chose the Thinker as their new leader. The Thinker, deciding Don-Ton was too hot, moved his operation to Eiradon. His crimes were always meticulously researched and planned, often magically advanced, and he would sometimes taunt the Avenging Angel of Avengence ahead of time with a clue. Devoe obtained a “thinking cap” which would boost his intellect even further, enabling him to plan even more elaborate schemes, eventually modifying it to give himself telekinesis, mind control, and other psionic abilities.


Description: Gnome, aged 145-200, balding with grey hair and grey eyes

Area of Operation: Eiradon

MO: well thought out heists, uses a lot of magic particularly mind magic and is always ready with several contingency plans

The Thinker (AofA Rogue)

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