The Trickster (AofARogue)


The Trickster was perhaps not so much evil as he was deluded, apparently suffering from a psychiatric disorder that could ordinarily be treated with clerical treatment. When off his treatments (they are pricey), James Jesse would revert to his ‘villainous’ persona and begin wearing his Trickster costume (evidently without being fully aware of the fact). The The Avenging Angle of Avengence actually enjoys a fairly friendly relationship with Jesse, and is often able to reason with him even in his delusional state.


Description: Human aged 22-29, multi coloured hair, brown eyes

Area of Operation: lives in Bazaar district of Eiradun

MO: has a background in acrobatics, and alchemy, loves to make things go boom and make it loud and colourful, often his plans dont make sense and dont come to any fruition beyond his own amusement

The Trickster (AofARogue)

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