Thock Dewhurst


This large burly Half Orc has a squished nose, that seems to have been broken a number of times in his youth, he stands tall at 6’4 and has dark hair and dark eyes. he works at his mothers inn The Eagles Splendor where he buses tables cares for mounts and generally does any labour needing to be done

Thock is well known in the area for being simple, and being Elba boy. in his youth Thock fell in with the wrong crowd and got into trouble with the law, but his mothers stern hand guided him away from a life of crime and removed the less desirable friends from his life. he gets some money for his work from time to time and is allowed to spend it on whatever he likes, his mother disaproves of his drinking ale, calling it “a stereo type” but Thock has never enjoyed ale too much anyway, more often he is found by the The Jumbo Potato Hobby Store buying candy 9Thock has a well known sweet tooth)


Thock Dewhurst

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