Yuern Burton

Older Human Male


Yuren Thracken, human from Chistles Point was born into a poor peasant family. His parents died when he was very young, leaving him with his older sister to fend for him. Unfortunately, his sister was widowed, having seven children to look after, the eldest being eight and the youngest being one year old. Yuren Thacken found work as a tree pruner in near the Layotta Honey Farms, the same as his father, earning only a few copper a day. Winter passed. Yuren Thracken could not work, and so the family starved. He became a convict, imprisoned for breaking the window pane of Theodor Grimsfelt, the baker, to steal a loaf of bread to feed his sister’s children. He was sent to prison for five years for “burglary at night in an inhabited house”. He was paroled from prison 19 years later (after 4 unsuccessful escape attempts added 12 years, and fighting back during the second escape attempt added 2 extra years). The conditions were uncomfortable, due to Yuren Thracken mentioning sleeping on cold stone floors with no blankets.

He entered the galleys in Chistles Point in 350ONT and left in 369ONT. He tried to find an inn after he leaves, but is turned away, due to being a former convict. A woman sees him trying to find a shelter, and tells him to go to the church, where he encounters the Cleric Myriel of the church of Yolo who turns his life around by showing him mercy and encouraging him to become a changed man. Needing money and unable to find work he robs the church that Myriel allowed him to stay in, taking the silver collection platter as well as the gem encrusted chalice to Yolo. It is not long after leaving however before he is discovered by the police and dragged back to the church to return the stolen goods before being hung. Here however the cleric steps forward and lies to the police telling them that the Chalice and platter were gifts, and that he was sad his friend had left so early as he had not had a chance to gift his further with the platinum candle sticks as well. The police dropped those charges but warned Yuren Thracken that should he be caught again it would be the noose. The Cleric told Yuren to use the goods to travel and start a new better life somewhere. Yurena bonded his parole and did just that.

Several years later, Yuren Thracken fulfills his promise to Myriel and becomes a changed man under the alias Yuren Burton in the city of Rehume. After a few years in the city, he is elected as a minor official of an industrial district and revolutionizes the districts economy, building many factories and creating many jobs. He became a very famous, influential, popular, and charitable man.

After unwittingly letting his foreman dismiss a factory worker named Euphrasie , he accidentally becomes wrapped up in the events that ruined her life, making her fall into poverty. After realising the damage he had done, he had the former worker taken from the custody of Oliver Gate (a bounty hunter on a case for Rehume) and sent to a hospital, where he swore to bring her child, Fantine, to her side.

Meanwhile, Yuren Burton discovered that Oliver Gate, had recognized him as Yuren Thracken. He was visited by the bounty hunter whose guilt over his accusations (that he was told to be false) made him wish for dismissal. Yuren found out that later Oliver Gate found another man thought to be Yueren Thacker and was about to carry out the bounty on him. Yuren could not allow that to be and set off to find the man who was to go to sentence in his place.

After admitting to being the convict, Yuren Burton ran away and returned to Euphrasie ’s bedside, where he was soon confronted by Oliver Gate. After hearing Oliver Gate cry out his true identity and the fact that her daughter was not present, Euphrasie lost her will to live and died of her illness. Yuren Burton surrendered to Oliver Gate, but swiftly escaped to rescue Fantine, Euphrasie ’s daughter.

After successfully rescuing Fantine from the orphanage of Rehume, Yuren Burton was offered shelter in a convent by Cecil, an old man who he had rescued from beneath his cart three years earlier. Cecil smuggled him and Fantine out of Rehume in a coffin and aided him in getting to Tukin.

He did not stay long in Tukin however as Oliver Gate continued to pursue him and roused the suspicion of the Knights. Over the next five years he traveled often eventually settling in the city of Don-Ton. Here he did what he could aiding those who were down trodden, giving them shelter and what he could while keeping as low a profile as possible, until this day


Yuern Burton

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