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Letter to Hilda Flintlock

Letter sent via Eridun Message Service
21st of Patchwall 381 ONT, Eiradun
Addressed to Chief Hilda Flintlock of Clan Flintlock from Gemma Flintlock
Instructions to deliver directly to Hilda Flintlock and signature requested for delivery

My dear sister

I am so sorry that I was not able to make the meeting that Patron Jamieson arranged for us. I was with my companions fighting Lord Shepard, enemy of the Waylons/Clava. Then we were transported out of Eridun and we had no way of coming back until now.

I recently heard that you are being considered for Thane. I am so proud of you. Father would have been so proud of you. I want to learn from you. I want to learn to be a good leader, learn more about my people, the Dwarves and Dactyls and how to take care of people.

I do not want to usurp you or take your place, I love you. I just want to be your sister.

I’m not sure what your advisors/inner circle have been telling you about me. I will tell you again, I have no plans to claim leadership of Clan Flintlock or be Thane. If you are being considered for the position, I know that you have well-earned it and are suited for the job.

When I tried to contact you to let you know I was alive, someone called out a hit on me, and a lot of the evidence points to you. But I don’t believe it for a second. You would never do that to me. There are different possibilities of who is responsible. It could be someone close to you, someone in your inner circle could be behind the assassination attempt. It could be someone inside or outside of Clan Flintlock that would benefit from Clan Flintlock having problems, of your leadership of Clan Flintlock or Thane candidate being in question. I found out that the first assassin was from Clan Durin. You should investigate this from your end, if possible.

I have evidence that someone is responsible for this, but I do not wish to reveal the information in this letter for fear it will fall in the wrong hands or not reach you at all.

I may not know for sure what I want to do with my life, but I promise you that I do not want to harm you, betray you, or usurp your leadership of Clan Flintlock or as Thane candidate.

When I arrived in Eridun, it didn’t even occur to me that I could even claim leadership of Clan Flintlock until the assassin sent to kill me mentioned it. I was all set to set up a gunsmithy in Eridun and make firearms and reconnect with you in Skyforge.

I hope you were told by the person who arranged our meeting of the strange and unusual circumstances that led me to reappear in Eridun after 390 years. To me we have only been apart for a short time, but to you I know it must seem like ages ago. I hope you believe what happened to me. You know that if I had been there when father got sick and passed, I would have done whatever I could to have been there. That alone should tell you something. Father died without ever knowing what had happened to me. I’m so sorry that I wasn’t there. I am so glad that you continued his legacy. I want to do that as well. I want to do him and you proud. I know he would want me to support you as Thane.

People have suggested to me that I change my name and not reveal my connection to you and Clan Flintlock. But I am proud to be a Flintlock and I want to be a part of this family. If you believe that it would be better to stay away and keep quiet until after the vote for Thane, I understand. I do not want to cause you problems. But I do not want to die and I do not want to be constantly looking over my shoulder always looking for the next assassin. Others have told me that I could just wait until you are Thane and then I could get a bit fat payment from you to “settle things.” Why would I do that? That is dishonourable. I have no wish for monetary gain here. I just want to be your sister and be in your life. I want to make firearms and help make Flintlock Firearms even greater. I want to help protect Eridun from its enemies and I want to help other dwarves and Dactyls.

I just want to be reunited with you and spend time with you. I don’t know what my future holds. I don’t know what my role is in the grand scheme of things. I know that want to help and protect Eridun and its citizens from its enemies. There are numerous threats/terrorist groups that are affecting Eridun. I want to catch up and get to know my sister, my family, and Clan Flintlock. I want to get to know my people again and look after them. I want to continue to learn more about modern firearms and develop new prototypes.

When I saw you at that warehouse, when I saw you go back into the carriage, I should have called out to you. I should have gone to that meeting myself instead of Anya. I was afraid and I am sorry. Please contact me if you wish to meet and reconnect. I will count the days until I can see you again. I want to you know that I love you and always will regardless of what happens.

Gemma Flintlock

Letter to Patron Jamieson

Letter sent via Eridun Message Service
21st of Patchwall 381 ONT, Eiradun
Addressed to Patron Jamieson of Rittrem District, Eridun Currently on pilgrimage to Dwarven stronghold)

from Gemma Flintlock
Instructions to deliver to Patron Jamieson and signature requested for delivery

Patron Jamieson

I am sorry that I was not able to meet with you and my sister. Thank you for arranging the meet nonetheless. I was with my companions fighting Lord Shepard, enemy of the Waylons/Clava. Then we were transported out of Eridun and we had no way of coming back until now. There are many dangers affecting Eridun and we have been trying to do our best to deal with them.

I had not hear about my sister being considered for Thane. I am very proud of her and have no desire to impede that or cause her any problems. I just want to see her and know that she is okay and be reunited with my family.

I am not ashamed of my name/family but due to the current danger that that name provides at the moment, people have recommended to me that I change it, at least temporarily.

I would still like to meet with my sister and believe it is important to go on the Dwarven Pilgrimage but it is clear to me that at the present time it would be not only dangerous and problematic for me but for her as well. Do you have any advice on how to best approach my sister for a meeting? Would you still be willing to assist?

When you spoke with her, how was she? Does she believe it is actually me? That I am actually alive. Does she believe the truth about how I came to Eridun when and how I did?

The last time I sent her a message, I became a target for assassination. I hope this message will be more successful. I have included a personal private letter to her in this package. Will you give her this message to her in person?

In addition, you had mentioned that you would investigate Arkus and find him. Did you find him, did you find out anything that would be useful? What can you tell me?

Thank you again for your help and advice and I hope we will meet again.

Gemma Flintlock

Enc. Sealed letter to Hilda Flintlock

Little Adventures Pt 6

Dumathaday the 2nd of Ready’reat, 381 ONT. 1:47pm Field outside of Eiradun, in a hollow log.

Meagre ripped his sword from his scabbard smiling with thinly veiled satisfaction as it burst into a pale blue light. Hesitating only a moment to judge the movements of the great snake he jumped slicing his blade through the roof of the log. It was an odd

sensation; the blade passed through the rotted dead wood without issue and yet snagged and cut through the living moss and fungus in between. He felt the blade press through and give him the stratifying puncture as his sliced into the scaly skin of the snake. Meagre heard the snake his out in pain and shuffle to move, likely giving him some space.

“SSSSSOooooo…” the creature hissed from somewhere above the long “The rumorssssss are true, there truly is a live Guard Moussssssssssse” Meagre waited for his moment and dove out of the log. It was moments to see the snake he dove left, feeling its jaws just missed him. He took two wide slashes to buy him space and rolled further out

again. Quickly the snake circled him keeping just out of blade reach by head hovering from on high. The snake offered a toothy grin but Meagre put an end to that but throwing his blade towards his face, just missing the agile creature. The weave was strong that day and the blade came whirling back to his hand. The snake bobbed its head rhythmically as he wavered back and forth.

“Once again Meeegarrr, you are, how you say, out classed… zis is not how I taught you” the voice of Benjie echoed from the ethereal plane. Meagre grumbled but was aware that his master was correct this time. He replanted his feet and brought his blade before him taking a deep breath and casting his senses out through the weave. Sorosu was the act of perfect defence. The snake darted but Meagre had felt the ground twitch as the snake had flexed his muscles. By the time the creatures strike approached Meagre his blade was whirling in a perfect clean arc and the creature was forced to abandon the

attack. Thrice more the snake darted and poked, each time Meagre saw it coming, deflected the attack and managed to position himself slightly better. Confidence began to well in the Guard Mouse

“zat is de way Meagre” Benjies voice sounded fainter as he spoke. Meagre didn’t let that phase his focus. Meagre sensed the time was right and on the forth such attack let his guard drop slightly. The Snake took advantage and moved to strike. Meagre was prepared however and spun in a tight circle bringing his blade up at the perfect moment. He felt his blade cut deeply into the creature and sheer a tooth from its mouth.

“Thissssssss….” the snake cried out in pain and anger “issss not worth it…. No druid favour isssss worth thissssssss” the snake quickly retreated into the tall grass leaving Meagre alone by the log to catch his breath.

Fun Fact

Tian’amen stood in line as the Promethean clerics sung to their great lord. He could not help being overcome with sadness as he looked up at the great calcified Titan. It was the standing belief of many that the old titan had become lonely, that the spark of interest no longer carried to him and so had just stopped moving, stopped getting up from his mighty throne. And over the centuries had slowly calcified. Governor Varrick from time to time had managed to rouse his interest with a difficult problem or a colourful song or even an interesting piece of news, but after a time even he could not rouse the Titan. And so it became the study of the church. There was a deep seeded belief across Rehume that should its people ever truly be in danger that Prometheus would wake and defend the city, but among those who had studied in his church there was more to it. Prometheus wished to become a god, wished to know the multiverse and be truly connected to the universe. He had believed that once one knew everything about a plane that they would naturally evolve into godhood, there was a fair amount of research to support this idea. Now the members or the church spread out across the world looking for lost facts, interesting tidbits that may pique their lords curiosity, but also studied and prepared for a time when he would awaken and they could present the worlds information to him, allowing his to complete his dream and ascend to the higher planes. Once a week on Sonsday the clerics of his order would march up the great hill to the foot of the Titans Chair and call out their new interesting facts, in hopes that they would be the one to bring back the great lord.

Tian’amen had been a member of the church of Prometheus since his 12th nameday. He had been orphaned at a young age, his mother and father sailors on one of Kelezandris Holy Ships had been slain when attacked by pirates. He had been staying at his grandmother’s home in Rehume when he heard the news. Three years later his grandmother had succumbed to consumption during a particularly hard winter and he had been given over to the “little swimmers orphanage” it had been hard at first, though the church had seen him fit to receive a Bear companion, that had helped a lot. Sgt. Cody Bear had been a great friend; he had talked him through the hard times and taught him that even if life hadn’t gone the way you’d planned, it didn’t mean there wasn’t a plan, or great things still I store for you. He had been six when he’d entered the orphanage, and had aged out. He thought for sure he was going to be sacrificed to Kelezandri and for the most part had come to terms with that. As he prepared himself to go he was lucky that Sgt. Cody Bear had agreed to stay with him through the sacrifice and all the way to Kelezandris kingdom “No Matter What”. It was the day before the sacrifice, he had been taken to the Holy Bathhouses to be cleaned when he had overheard to clerics talking in a nearby tub.

“I don’t have anything to offer this week, nothing interesting, what am I gonna do?” the younger cleric complained to the older.

“No matter, come with an open heart and a promise to do better next week” the older of the two offered.

“I just feel like I am failing, I wish I had something, some interesting factoid that would help, it could be about anything” Tian’amen had been listening and decided to speak up here.

“Excuse me, Your Holiness” he said. Both clerics turned to see the boy, saw the retainers around him and knew that the boy was likely here for sacrifice. They bowed their heads to one so young offering so much to the great Brackish Lord.

“What can we do for you noble one” the older of the two clerics asked in a gentle tone

“Well…” now that he had the attention of two clerics he felt a little stupid for speaking up, Sgt Cody Bear urged him on however and he found his courage. “I… err… I have a fact that may help you… I remember my dad saying it, and saying it was something the most folk didn’t know…” the younger cleric looked ready to say something but the older one elbowed him

“Never judge where insight comes from, the great Prometheus taught that” adequately mollified the younger cleric changed his attitude and smiled at the Tian’amen urging him to continue

“Well, he had said that there is an Octopus, who is a true creature of Argyle, not an Aberrant, and that it is called a Mimic Octopus, and not only can it change colours, but when it needs to it can change itself into the shapes of other animals like Flounder, Lionfish and Sea Snakes, he said he saw one on a trip to High Port” Tian’amen took a breath after speaking. The two clerics looked at each other for a long moment before the younger one had a huge smile burst across his face

“Are you quite certain young…. Uhhh”

“Tien’amen” Sgt Cody Bear offered from his bench, the cleric nodded his thanks to the bear

“Are you quite certain young Tien’amen?” the boy nodded

“Yes your holiness, my father was rather proud of that factoid, and spoke it often, it’s one of the few memories of him I have had” the young cleric was already raising from his bath

“You have my thanks a thousand times Tian’amen, I must hurry to the archives to assure that this had not yet been stated before the great Prometheus, but I do believe this is a new one.” The younger cleric stood said his goodbyes and hurriedly left that baths. The older cleric stared at the small boy with an appraising eye.

“You know Tian’amen, it has been many years since I have taken an apprentice, and my memory is not what it used to be, I could use someone with a young excited mind.” The next day he was brought to the Church of Prometheus and instead of being a sacrifice began his study to become a cleric.

The line pushed forward bringing Tian’amen from his revere; he heard the person in front of him speak

“Oh great lord Prometheus, were you aware that caterpillars completely liquefy as they transform into moths” the crowd was silent for a long pause, but the stone Titan was unmoved by the factoid. The cleric mumbled a blessing and moved from the front of the line. Tian’amen stepped forward

“Oh great lord Prometheus, were you aware that the tongue is the strongest muscle in the dactyl body” again there was a long silence but again the stone titan remained unmoved. Tian’amen moved out of the line to join his fellows who had spoken.

“A very good fact young Tian’amen” an elder Cleric said

“Patriarch Rupert! I had not thought to see you today” Tian’amen said with joy as he greeted his old mentor. His mentor gave him a large hug in return

“I don’t have much time left that my body will be able to climb this hill; I try to make it as often as I can; besides I thought you might have had a shot with that one.” The old cleric said as he looked up hearing the tail end of another factoid

“… a group of pugs is called a grumble”

The cleric shook his head and turned back to his old apprentice

“You know Tien’amen, I think you are right, I think that facts in and of themselves are not going to interest our great lord, he was a lord of understanding. He didn’t want to know things; he wanted to understand them, and the people who brought them to them. I think your idea of studying people is the way to go” Tian’amen launched into a large smile

“Really, that’s wonderful… I can’t wait to get into it”

“It has all been arranged young Curative, I have booked you passage on a ship to Eiradun and arranged for you to work with the City in a capacity that will allow you to grain greater understanding of different types of people, in return, you will use the gifts the Great lord Prometheus had offered to aid the city where required” Tian’amen could not smile and larger then he was, he pulled his master into a great hug thanking him profusely. His master laughed and continued “Head down and get backed, your ship leaves in two days and there is much to do before such a journey.

A Simple Letter

29th of Patchwall 381 ONT

To: Mr. Meager Pickens, Mr. William Brutus, Mr. Zakaram Whitlock, Mr. Emrys and Lady Gemma Flintlock.

From: Diego DelaVega of Crasmere

I write this letter inviting you to my estate ‘Deleaton’ just outside of Crasmere. It was almost a fortnight ago that I received the most troubling news. That our dear Anya Wayforger had indeed passed from this world. I would begin, even now as I write them knowing the hollowness of my words in so recent a wound, by offering my most heartfelt condolences. I had only the pleasure of knowing Anya for a very short time but so quickly she managed to touch my heart. A mind as sharp as hers was indeed rare, and I am not ashamed to say she reminded me of my dearly departed daughter. It has saddened me to no end to know that at our final meeting she looked on me with disappointment, and has caused me no small amount of grief, that she did not live long enough to know my innocence in her heart.

I had made arrangements for her body to be laid to rest in Crasmere. I have a beautiful hilltop with a lonely tree that overlooks the valley and river; I think she would have been happy there. I understand that due to some miscommunication with the Pranny; the train stopped and she is now back in Eiradun. I am unsure of what the hold-up is but am beseeching you to aid me in its rectification. I ask if you have any sway to please once again have Anya placed on a train to Crasmere and accompany her (please do not worry about any expense) come to Deleaton and we shall lay her to rest with the dignity and grace she is so deserving.

In my own hand,

Diego DelaVega of Crasmere

Wait for Me

Thanesday the 25th of Patchwall 381 ONT 3:15pm, Semly Graveyard, Bazaar District Eiradun

Please Listen While Reading

Tobar stood stoically on the cool day of Patchwall. The wind was northerly with bits of snow falling from the heavily clouded sky. The local cleric of Hithilum had spoken the words and now Tobar stood beside him and his neighbors as several Dactyls and humans began to take heavy shovels of dirt and fill the graves that his wife, son and daughter now occupied. The dwarf was badly burnt, he had little money, less then little after the fire, and all is remaining funds had gone towards assuring the family would be blessed by Hithilum and safely buried in one of his grounds. He had no money left for healing, nor did he currently have a home, or food. His boss at the Annex had taken pity on him, and told him he could stay in the drama room until Sonsday, but after that he would need to find somewhere else to sleep. That didn’t matter right now. Thrump, Thrump, Thrump. The shovels of dirt cascaded down onto Honoras wooden casket. He would never see his love again. He would never hold his darling daughter and muss the hair of his son. Large tears tried to well in his eyes, but they could not come, he had cried them all already, there was nothing left. He heard sniffles from the assembled crowd, his wife had been popular in their community and this had been a shock to them all. His mind raced back to the night of… to the scene. “As Befits Meddlesome Dwarves” a flash of anger and pain stung his heart. He would come home to them soon, he would rest with them in Hithilum’s great kingdom, but not until they were avenged. He did not yet know how, but he would find whoever had done this and he would make them suffer, they would know fear and fury for killing the only things he had loved in this world.

“Goodbye my loves…” he said through a scratchy voice “I will come home to you soon… please… wait for me” he turned not having the heart to watch anymore and hobbled away from the graves, preparing mentally for his quest.

Little Adventures Pt 5

Dumathaday the 2nd of Ready’reat, 381 ONT. 1:45pm Field outside of Eiradun

The ride back had been rife with adventure, and Meagre was eager to reunite with his friends. The things he’d learned, the scale of this conflict was all starting to seem too much. Basil had had some fine insights on Duke Roland, and on the King. Roland himself had had much to speak on and had been well worth the journey, but still Meager questioned, was he truly the one to set all this right? Shepard? The Clava? The Wyzles and Lutrai? The Fur and Foot Nation? This might be more then he could handle, but Roland and the others shrugged as if this should be morning tea for a Guard Mouse. Meager then noticed that Basil had stopped as had his two companions, his ears were up and his nose worked furiously testing the air

“We ok Basil?” Meager asked

“Hush up Cobber, something aint quite right, thought I heard something in the grass…” the Hare stood a little taller. Before speaking again

“Jared, get ready to make a dash out left, when I say go, don’t stop, clear as much ground as you can ‘n’ be flashy about it. Jeff, same deal but cutting right, loop wide ‘n’ meet at the inn, no stopping till you’re in the big-smoke”

“What’cha thinkin Cap?” Jeff asked

“I’m thinking it’s a Zemeya, ‘n’ I’m thinking that I saw a narrow log a ways back that’ll do for me and the Guard Mouse till we know better” Basil replied he looked over his shoulder

“Now listen well Mate, if things go not-so-bonza ‘n’ I go down, get in the log ‘n’ be on the defense. The Zemeya will likely bail when it gets dark ‘n’ cold, I’m kinda surprised he’s out at all, but still, don’t wait around for me, got it?” Meager wasn’t sure what a Zemeya was or what was happening, he was about to ask a question when Basil called out “GO!”

The three hares took off like a shot, and Meager saw in abject horror what they feared. As Jeff took off to the left out of the grass shot the head of a huge snake. The Snake head slammed into Jeff knocking him into a roll, it then whisked the opposite direction attempting to slam into Basil as it went for Jared. Basil jumped into the air throwing himself into a roll and even kicked into the side of the snake with his powerful legs. It took all Meager had in him to just hold on as the mouse realised that they had very narrowly avoided being caught in a loop and crushed but the massive creature.

Jared was well on his way. Meager wasn’t sure if he was happy or not but the creature appeared fixated on Basil and letting the other two go. That was until he saw a second snake head pop up and grab Jared as he ran.

“Crikey, there’s two of ‘em” Basil hollered as he unleashed a new burst of speed, they sailed over a ridge and down a hill, the Zemaya hot on their heels. Then Meager saw it… the hollow log. Basil was huffing at this point. “Listen tight Mate, I’m gonna do some fancy foot work when we cross the log, but I can’t be runnin or fightin with you on me back. When I clear the log, jump off ‘n’ I will keep leadin this bloke off, take cover ‘n’ I’ll loop back fer ya” Meager was shaking his head, there was no way he was going to let Basil fight this thing on his own, but the fates conspired against him. Basil picked up his pace getting a slight lead on the Zemaya, when he saw the Log he took a soaring lead spinning as he did over the log. Meagre couldn’t hang on and ended up falling. Basil didn’t pause he leapt high assuring the snake saw him and continued running for the nearby wood. Meagre did the only thing he could and quickly crawled into the log through an old knot. He had just made it in as the Snake raced over the log and took off after Basil.

The little Guard Mouse took a deep breath as he checked himself for injury from the fall, a few bruises little more. He loosened his sword and was prepared to burst out after Basil when he heard a noise

“Nissssssssse Trick little Moussssssssse” looking up through a crack he could see one eye of a great snake looking back down at him. He drew his blade and was comforted by the blue glow. As he prepared for battle


Meagre's Poster
Omar’s Accused of Theivery, Endangering Lives, and Fraud!
Anyone with information of wrong doings committed by an Omar’s store, post, or cart is asked to contact William Brutus via the Dentoni tower.
Together we can stop the injustice
Refund of Life

Letter Waiting for William from Eiradun Message Service, 22nd Patchwall 381 ONT 2:13am

To: William Brutus, Hero of Mordakka

From: The Legal Department Desk of Lance Huening, Omars Incorporated

Mr. Brutus

It has come to our attention that on the 13th of Harvester, in the year 381 ONT in the hamlet of Norat, you were involved in an altercation with a registered Omar. After a thorough investigation it has further become clear that you acted outside the bounds of established law, or moral correctness (also known as common law). The charges that were levied include: assault, battery, murder, theft, public humiliation of a registered official, reckless endangerment of a registered individual, inciting a crowd to riot, interfering with a licenced black powder broker, slander, public indecency, hate speech against a human, unlicensed selling of weapons, unlicensed selling of black powder, uttering threats, invoking of a malicious religion against an innocent and littering. You will be pleased to know that in order to serve you better we have both expedited and completed your trial on your behalf. At this time you have unfortunately been found guilty of all charges, save hate speech against a human (congratulations). According to our records you are currently unable to afford the fine of 1.8 million Rehume Golden Shells; because of this a tribunal was assigned to deliberate over an alternate sentencing. You will be pleased to know that in order to serve you better we expedited the tribunal meetings and are able at this time to inform you of their decision.

“Mr. Brutus, due to the sever nature of your crimes and the fact that in order to compensate for money owed you would have to live three times longer than your natural life span would entail, this tribunal has sentenced you to death. Sorry for any inconvenience. Omar Detap, tribunal leader, district 102-AS32”

At this time we would like to offer our sincere condolences and have attached a complementary pamphlet entitled “Dealing with a Death Sentence” as we understand that this can be a difficult time in your life. In order to best facilitate your death sentence we ask that you turn yourself in to the nearest Omar’s Emporium, Omar’s Trading Co or Omar’s Warehouse, along with this letter and they will be able to process your death sentence with minimal wait and pain. Please be advised that Omar’s Traveling Carts and Omar’s Wayfarer Industries are not at this time able to process your sentence, but can assist you in getting to the nearest Omar’s office that can. Please also note that failure to turn yourself in within five days of receiving this notice will result in “extreme” actions being taken, with your next of kin being billed for any costs associated with said actions. We would like to thank you at this time for choosing Omar’s and for your years of being a loyal customer, in order to show there are no hard feelings please accept this lifetime coupon for 10% off any purchase of shoes or sandals (valid only at Omar’s Emporium, Omar’s Trading Co or Omar’s Warehouse). If you have any questions in regard to your case of feel it has been handled inappropriately please inform our legal department by the 21st of Patchwall 381 ONT, 3pm.


Lance Huening – Junior Assonate, Legal Department of Omar’s Inc.


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