BATing around Ideas

12th of Patchwall 1:03am, High Market, Eiradon

I am Icarus Vidal of the Order of Moonwing, twice awarded the Count of Two Sicils Medal of Courage, once granted the Civic Decoration of the Last Shade, twice given the Cofradia de Belchite, eleven times honoured with the Orden de Montjoji, bearer of the Crown of Calatrava, the Orden of Santiago, the Medallion of Militar and the Medallion of Aerea… I say this not to boast, but to present to you that when the Order of Moonwing sent forth for those who were worthy of such a grand undertaking they did not take this task lightly nor did they choose easily whom should go.

I suppose before we go too far you should know a little about me, My people, the Clava live in a place to the south known as Arbor-Portum. In recent years we have recently began to have a real resistance and all but open war has broken out against the Oculas and their Avian brethren. I had fought in the battles of the Messis Luna, Spina Virga and the Great Battle of Insideo where my Brother and I felled the Oculas King Boreal. Much progress has been made, but the Order of Moonwing is just one of many Clava and though our home is free, most are not, recently I led an excursion to the lost Clava city of Hibernacalum; here I met the ancient oracle who spoke to me before she was destroyed by the Oculas General Brutus. We battled hard, I took the Generals eye, in return he stole my brother’s life. It was not all for naught however, for I had heard the Oracle speak, and in her words lies hope yet, not only for the Clava, but for the Lutrae, the Hare Nation and especially for our cousins the Waylen.

“A Clava opimo Verax existet heros populum suum, et invenies verum ultimum coniunget Bellator Libra waylen pacis sequester et ad locum. Et afferent tenebras et volucres de fine. Clava pax tandem inveniatur” that’s what she said…. Oh, I can see your Claven is not so strong, let me interpret for you:

“A Clava Strong and True, will arise as a hero of his people, he will find and unite the Bellator Libra with the last true waylen and bring them to a place of mediated peace. There they will bring about the end of the Darkness and his fowl. Peace at last will be found for the Clava”

So as you can see I have been sent from my homeland to find this “Bellator Libra” or as they say in the ridicules common tongue, the Warrior of Balance… and bring him to a mediated peace… the embassy and then my people will be saved from this terrible war… It is vital we do not tarry, my people cannot survive much longer.

Puzzelings of Anya

Facts… on NZT
(These are ranked in how they came to mind, not in any kind of priority order)
- Flint and his gang had something planned for today
o According to their plan, someone was unprotected because “she” would be in the market
- Flint was seen in the market near opening
- Marion was seen in the market near opening as well
o Marion may have robbed Bronwyn before leaving the market
- Detoni Rachel was at the Dentoni Office, near the Centre of Crasmere at the time of market open
- She was found twenty minutes after market open with her throat cleaning cut
o The throat was cut by a steady studied hand
o The throat was cut with a knife or dagger
o The throat was cut from behind, the Dentoni was unaware of her assailant
- The Prannie was unphased by the sight of blood
o She was cooperative but cold in her aid
o She willing called for aid several times
o Even when time was of the essence she used her slow elderly aid as a runner
- Gemma was sent quickly to the North Tower.
- Gemma met Clyde on route to North Tower
- North Tower door was locked
o Clyde had to kick it open
- Gemma and Clyde found Dentoni Gisele Hanging in kitchen area in back of North Tower
- Gemma cut down the rope
- Dentoni Gisele had said “they attacked her and hanged her, go warn the others”
o Implies more than one attacker
o Must question Dentoni Gisele
- In looking for a horse Gemma found Diego in the stable beside the North Tower with stable boy
o Diego lives south of Crasmere, why was he in the North Stable?
o Diego offers a ride, and a 2nd horse to Clyde and stable boy
- Diego gives Gemma ride across town
- Gemma enters South Tower main entrance
- Diego enters South Tower rear entrance
- Gemma hears noise upstairs and follows
- Gemma finds a dead body and signs of a struggle in 2nd floor chamber of south tower, she hears a noise and heads down back stairs
- Gemma finds a dead Dentoni, a wounded Diego, who points to the door and says his assailant is getting away
- Gemma pauses to check on Dentoni and question Diego before going outside
- Outside Gemma sees clyde approaching and signals him to go east towards stables, and she goes west towards alleys
- Gemma finds no blood trail or sign of enemy
- Clyde and Stable boy check stable and find a dead stable boy and that two horses are missing
- Diego confirms two missing horses, stating that he often uses the stable and knows the regular beasts, yet not their owners
- The Dentoni is confirmed dead,
- Gemma is called away to the church
- I am brought to the scene to investigate.

- Study of the Body

o Women in good health, no evidence of sickness or disease
o Died with weapon in hand
o Cause of death in stab wound to the heart, long narrow piercing blade
 Hypothesis is currently a rapier
o Women suffered minor wounds and scratches from clay and minor projectiles, no evidence that this caused significant harm
o No evidence of poison on her body
o No evidence of magic used in assassination
o She had her wallet and things, was not robbed

- Study of the Upper Chamber
o Two warriors fought in a sword duel, one being the Dentoni
 Both were master swords persons
o The battle lasted almost three minutes between the two swordspersons
o A third individual was present, they chose to throw plates, cups and vases at the swords persons
 Aim was inaccurate hitting both members
o The Dentoni finished her duel and hurried down the stairs
 Did she chase the 3rd person?

Theory 1
 3rd person saw their co assailant die, ran down the stairs
 Dentoni pursued
 3rd person turned on the stairwell, drew their rapier and stabbed the Dentoni on a blind corner of the stairwell
 Diego rushes in
 3rd person stabs Diego in the shoulder, pushes past him and escapes onto the street
 3rd person enters the stable, kills the stable boy, steals two horses and flees
• Must have fled into the city as gate was closed.

• Questions
o Why did the 3rd person not use their sword upstairs
o Could the 3rd person who had such terrible aim with plates manage to kill a Dentoni in a single thrust and disable Diego?
o Could 3rd person have had enough time to saddle horses, kill stable boy and escape before Gemma was on the street?

Theory 2
 3rd person was a Dentoni aid?
 Ran away to get help before the fight upstairs ended
 Diego was attacked by another assailant or was an attacker himself
• Questions
o Where is the 3rd person now?

Theory 3
 This has nothing to do with Flint
 Diego and a companion attacked Dentoni Rachel, they rode to the Nroth Tower, and attacked and Hung Dentoni Gisele, knowing he had a companion working on the South Tower, he was preparing to leave when Gemma caught him
 Diego comes into South Tower backdoor, kills the Dentoni, wounds himself and sends Gemma looking for a figment
• Questions
o Can he get across town that fast to take out two other Dentoni
o Motive?
o How did he wound himself, he had no knife and the sword could not make the wound in his shoulder
o If he did it, why be so helpful and get Gemma across town in time to potentially stop his plan, he could have left without her

- What does the Cleric and her arrest and involvement with Cthulhu have to do with this?
o How long has she been a fake priestess
o What is her mission here
o Why did she take such an interest in Gemma
o If she was evil and thought Zack was a necromancer why cause trouble? Do they not work with Cthulhu?
o Are the other two priestess who they say they are?
- What does the logging rally have to do with this?
o Why is Remme Malone here?
o If he is so wanted why did Malone rescue Gemma?
- Where did Flint Go?
o Where were the rest of his men?
o Why was the market important
o Who was unprotected? Dentoni? Someone else?
- Where are the missing babies?
o Why steal babies?
- Arcus the assassin, was he involved more than just trying to attack Gemma?
- Why kill three Dentoni?
- Where did the attackers go? Further into Crasmere? Over the wall?
o They had two horses at least? Where do you hide horses

Jail break

9th of Patchwall, 381, ONT, Crasmere, Eiradun

Arcus watched as the skinny necromancer fellow climbed out the window and took off after the criminally insane priestess. Many fled from the church to go after her, the small dactyl shrugged to himself; ‘no time like the present’ he thought. He hopped up grabbing the remaining bar on the window and clambered through the hole. He spent a moment getting his bearings. He wanted his guns back, he would need them later, and his father would kill him when he found them gone, but staying around could lead to his being caught again, and he doubted his luck would hold. He shook away the thoughts of pursuing Gemma for the time being and disappeared into the crowd, he needed to get back to Eiradon anyway. He had to make sure the ad went into the paper before this group could stop him.

Meager Adventures Pt 3

9th of Patchwall 381 ONT, South Promethean River, a crummy cell in Dampwatch

Meager stood on his drooping lily pad. He had been explicitly warned not to try and leave the lily pad else the toads “would not be responsible” for what happened to him. Meager was not willing to risk it; he was wet, cold, hurt and exhausted. After an uncountable amount of time had passed he begun to hear a distant voice

“MEEEEGARrrrrr… Meeeeegggaaarrrr” the accent was unmistakable, he eagerly looked around for Benjie, but saw no ghost. “Meeegaaaarrrrr…. You’re how you say…. Fuccckkkkkeeeedd”

“Really? That’s the great otherworldly advice you bring me? Can’t you save me? Can’t the weave save me?”

“Nay Meeeegar, it cannot, you are in Dampwatch… a place where the weave is very hard to use”

“Why Benjie? Why can’t I use it here?”

“You have seen the ugly toads? You smell, the odors here? You see the terrible rotting growths in the water around you?”

“Yes” Meager responded

“Can little Meagar stand in spite of all these things? Nay… only the most devote of Guard Mice could tap into the weave in a place like this… I am saddened Meager… hopes for you were, how you say…. High”

“Well thanks a lot Benjie, why don’t you just give up on me right away”

“I had thought that this was what I had implied my dear Meager… I am sorry if I was too subtle and…”

“Fuck off Benjie… I’ll get myself out of this”

Meager was left alone again, to think of what to do… nothing came to him. For countless minutes… hours? He was left there wet and cold trying to come up with a way to go, trying to tap into the weave, the solution alluded him. Finally from the oily depths of the pool that surrounded him Oykamon rose.

“YUUUURRRRRRP… come” the toad croaked. Meager, seeing no other choice followed, hoping an opportunity would soon present itself. The toad submerged Meager held on tight holding his breath as he was pulled through the thick brown water. Eventually they surfaced once more and he crawled onto the hall floor; shivering, gasping and retching. It took a few moments before his sense returned, but when they did he found the toad was speaking in a language he did not understand to a tall otter.

The otter stood at least a foot and a half tall when on his back legs. He wore an easy fitting tunic, a light brown cloak and carried a long spear. The conversation seemed to wrapping up. The otter looked down at Meager and spoke in the common tongue for the first time.

“Let’s get goin” a quick jab of the spear left no room to broker argument, and soon Meager found himself marching out of Dampwatch and towards the tall bulrushes. On the way out, Meager noticed the stalwart hornets who stood vigil along the tops of the Bulrushes, ready to swam and attack any offending creatures. “You made ride me, but don’t be trying nothing eh?” the otter grumbled as he eased into the pond. Meager climbed upon his back, eager to be far away from this wretched place and hopefully gain the opportunity to use the weave once more. The two swam in silence down the little creek and pulled into the South Promethean River, the Otter stayed near the centre and swam up stream at a good pace. About twenty minutes into the journey he pulled over to the eastern shore. The otter shook off and turned to Meager, the little Waylen thought the end might be upon him when the otter surprised him “My name’s Folgrim eh, how’s about you?” Meager was a little surprised by the apparent friendliness in the otters tone, and decided to respond in kind

“umm, My name is Meager, Meager Pickins” the otter extended a hand and offered a hearty shake.

“Ya got’s to be careful little fellow, those of us of Holt aren’t too many these days, though my folk aren’t keen on the Wyzells rule, or the bastard Shepard…. Well no one wants to risk too much… you understand of course” Meager didn’t but he nodded all the same “So anyway, let’s get her done with… been a while since we played this game… think all take ‘er in the left if that’s not too much trouble” the otter bent down placing his face just inches from Meager…. The Waylen looked at the otter in utter comfusion. “Come on fellow, let’s make it quick there eh” the otter said

“Make what quick?” Meager asked. Folgrim looked at him funny

“Well, ya can’t be expecting me to go back untroubled eh? That’d get me right hung in a hurry… so throw a quick jab, give me a shiner, and it’ll look like I put up a bit of a struggle der bye” realisation dawned on the Waylen that he was being rescued, he balled his tiny hand into a fist… it took about seven jabs against the thick otter hide to actually bruise him, Meager felt bad as Folgrim stood and took the abuse. “So I can’t be seen with ya eh? Longer were together the more like a toad or Wyzell or even an avian is going to see us and then ya’d be hooped somthin fierce eh… so follow the river upstream a ways, I put out a call to old Basil… he ought to be able to get ya home der bye” Folgrim dusted himself off and got ready to jump into the river. Meager raced over to him and shook his hand

“Thank you Folgrim, I think you saved my life”

“Oh, ya… no worries there eh? Just you be being careful… and it’ll be good for my folk to know that there are some Waylen back… maybe we can be free once more eh? Good luck little buddy, and stay safe der bye” with that the otter jumped into the river and quickly headed into the current, rocketing away downstream. Meager shook his head in wonder, this day was getting stranger and stranger, he started to walk up stream wondering who or what Basil was.

It was about an hour of walking later that he decided to rest in a small glade. He had found a shady spot and had just sat down when he heard the loud voice

“Hullo, Little fellow, understand you got into aggro, but found a slivey and are needin to doddle out of the dodgey parts of ‘ere” the creature before Meager was a grey hare, he wore a red and golden coat,w ith a sword at his side.

“Hi, My name is Meager Pickins, ummm… what?” Meager was sure the hare had spoken common but he was damned if he knew what the fellow was talking about

“Basil Stag Hare at your service little Waylen chap, I’m with the Fur and Foot Fighters of the 47th Hare Border Rangers; Folgrim said a chap such as you’d be looking to whitetail it on towards the tall folk of Gully, that about so?” This time Meager picked up the general meaning of what the Hare as said

“A ride back to Gully? Yes please” Meager said hoping to his feet.

“Jolly Good! A Hare serves those of Fur and Foot! Tallyho!” he scooped Meager onto his back and soon they were racing through the woods towards Gully

Meager Adventures Pt 2

9th of Patchwall 381 ONT, South Promethean River, Just outside of Dampwatch

Meager was tired, his wounds had not helped him injure the trials of a long swim… well a very short swim, luckily Oykamon seemed to be at least honest, and wanted him to get to Dampwatch, so after a few fruitless moments of dog paddling and nearly drowning, the toad had surfaced below Meager and the young Waylan had been forced to ride on the warty back of the creature.. it had taken about two hours of steady swimming downstream, and then another half hour up a small tributary before they arrived in a marshy pond. Meager had taken that time to ponder, where was Benjie now? The Waylan could show up at any time to remind him to hunt for sex and LLIIIVVEEE, but now… when he needed knowledge and understanding about what was possibly a Waylan enemy, the ghost was nowhere to be found.

“YUUUUUUURRRRP!” the noise brought him back to the present

“You are lucky that Glagwebb is here in Dampwatch, else we’d have had a very long journey to Marshgreen” the toad croaked. Meager contemplated the words, so Glagwebb was a person, not a people as he had thought, that was good to know. He surveyed the area, wrinkling his nose. The little creek they had swam up did almost nothing for the pond and as they swam deeper into the thick noxious orders of methane, Meager found his stomach began to turn. In centre of the pond surrounded by a vanguard of bulrushes was a small island, once they had passed between the tall stalwart guardians Meager was amazed to see a large stone keep, thick moss and lily pads disguised it from the casual onlooker, but there was no doubt at all in Meagers mind that this was a manned keep. He hopped of Oykamons back and followed him in, the door was protected by a large snapping turtle, it said no words, just received a nod from the Toad and then slowly moved from the path revealing the entrance. Meager began to worry. Escape, if needed could become difficult, exit the keep, fight through its inhabitants, swim across the pond to the shore, and then what, he was hours of downstream swim from his companions, deep in what was apparently enemy territory.

As he entered he found the interior nothing like the exterior, cool limestone tiles were neatly fitted with one another to form the flooring, hardened granite walls adorned with furs lined the hall, supported by large twisting pillars. Meager entered and found the building much larger than the outside let on, quickly descending a large stairwell, he figured he had descended maybe 12 feet when he and his escort exited the stairwell and entered into a large blue chamber, there was a gleaming pool of water, and in the centre of this pool sat the largest ugliest toad he had ever seen. The creature was grotesquely fat, splayed out naked and on his side, only a far to small red cape and a tiny golden crown adorned the otherwise horrifically ugly creature.

“HURUPH, HURUPH, HURUPH, HUROOO ISSSSS THIIIIISSSSS YUUURRRP?” the creature croaked in a tone that was too loud for the echoing chamber.

“King Glagwebb, This… is a Waylan I have found within our territory, he surrendered to me and agreed to see you rather than combat me” Oykamon said

“YUUUUUURRRRRRRPPPPPP! HURUPH HURIIII do I want to see this ugly furry thing? YUUUURP!” The King asked

“If it pleases you your Majesty… I…” Meager began but was quickly cut off as both toads yelled at him


“You do not speak here Waylan!… your mind magics will not be tolerated in this chamber”


“Do you want me to contact the Wyzells?” Oykamon asked

“HURUPH” the King Puffed in thought

To be continued

Meager Adventures

9th of Patchwall 381 ONT, Deck of the Vogam, Lower Promethean River, just outside of Crasmere

Meager worked his way under a bench, near enough to Dentoni Marion that he would not be able to lose his quarry. He had come too far for that, but now, in a moment of rest, he had to think carefully of his approach, and what his next move should be.

“YUUUUUURRRRRRP, You have a lot of nerve coming here Waylen!” Meager started as he turned, the voice was a deep and croaky, the owner of said voice matched it well. Behind him sat a huge toad, almost twice as large as Meagar. He wore nothing, but in his slimy grasp of his brown warty hands held the unmistakable gleam of a bronze trident. On instinct more than anything else Meager pulled forth his tiny blade. The Toad sidled back a little, he seemed wary of the Waylen blade.

“Who are you, What do you want?” Meager asked forcefully, trying to exude confidence he lacked… he had been injured during the chase and was not keen to start a fight at the moment.

I am Oykamon! Guardian of the Northern Border. I had thought we were clear in the Battle of Willowdeep that the area between Dampwatch and Marshgreen was the property of the Glagwebb. Clearly a more recent message needs to be sent! YUUUUURRRRRP!

The toad let out a loud croak and swelled up, he made for an imposing sight. His croak was so loud that Meager heard a women chuckle to the dwarf about the “wildlife” in the area. He sighed, this was not what he needed right now, and why was it that the “big people” seemed so ignorant of entire societies, wars and treaties that had happened, seemingly under their noses.

“Look, I didn’t know about the treaty, I don’t want a fight… I am just trying to help someone and then I will be on my way”


There was a long pause, Meager hoped there was more to the communication then this, the toad eventually let some of the air and spoke

“You can plead your case to the King…. YURRP!” if you give up your sword and come peacefully I will give you the chance… else YUUUURRRRRRP!” he swelled up once more and leveled his trident ready for battle.

To Be Continued

Wayward Waylyn

Please listen before reading

So……that just happened.

Had he just flown? Because it felt a lot like he had just flown! He had certainly never jumped that far in his tiny life. And what was he thinking?!? Did he really just leap onto a boat headed god-knows where, alone and vulnerable?

Meager scampered underneath a seat, narrowly avoiding a boot and pausing to let his heart slow. As he looked out at all those sets of legs, he reflected on the oddness of knowing exactly where Mariam was. He didn’t recognize her shoes, but he felt her, deep in his groin he knew exactly where she was, he need only go to her.

He wondered, not for the first time that day, if he was maybe dreaming – or in a coma? Had he been knocked out in a barroom brawl? It wouldn’t have been the first time, and it would make a lot of sense. Did he really just get attacked by a hawk with frickin’ glowing swords strapped to it’s talons? He could only assume from the saddle that this hawk was Lord Shepard’s mount. (Mostly because the concept that there could be more than one crazy psychopathic mutant Waylyn after him was too intense to contemplate.) Only in a dream world would the ridiculous idea to animate a sandwich to save himself pan out. Right? RIGHT????

Oh no, his heart was beating faster now rather than slower. The world began to waiver.

Suddenly Guard Mouse BenGie was standing in front of Meager.
“Mea-gher! Listen to me! Feel the weave Mea-gher, the weeeeve. Don’t just feel it in your little Mea-gher, it is, how you say in your very being. Feel it in your head, in your toes, and in your chest. Your heart is controlled by the weave too Mea-gher. Stop trying to control it, to constrict it, or it will overwhelm you. Let go Mea-gher, let it course through you, only then will you begin to know your true, how you say – abilities. Feel the weave, Mea-gher, control your breath and feel your heart slow, see how all things are connected.”

He was right. Bonkers, but right. As Meager took slow breaths, his heart began to slow and the world came back into focus. He couldn’t worry about the insane choices that had brought him to this boat. He was here, there was no going back. The only thing to do was to go forward. He had to talk to Mariam. He took one last steadying breath, and began making his way below deck heading to the room where he would find her. He only hoped that she would be willing to listen to what he had to say.

2nd Diary Entry of Gemma the Time Travelling Gunslinger

I’m not sure what I think about this future anymore. Time travelling doesn’t seem so fun anymore. I’m not sure of my place in this new world. People don’t seem to have a common enemy of the devil, demon and aberrants anymore. They probably just fight each other and jostle for information, control and power. Chistle’s Point was my home but it doesn’t seem to be anymore. Should I stay here in Eridun? Should I go to Skyforge and make a life there?

I’m very worried for Anya. I know she is now more than capable of taking care of herself. But if she is now addicted to this NZT and will die if she stops taking it that is really serious and bad.

I don’t know what to do. I feel we need to come clean to Alanna now. The longer we wait, the worse it will be, the worse of a betrayal it will be. Who knows what that guy will make Anya do, what he’ll make us do.

If we help Anya spy on Alanna, aren’t we already committing treason? If we don’t tell her about Brian Finch, isn’t that withholding vital information to the safety of Alanna, Eridun and its citizens? Dentoni Marion was “dirty,” who know how many other Dentoni or other Eridun citizens are working for Brian Finch?

I don’t presume to know everything about Eridun but it seems like a nice place to live. Sure it must have problems like any other place but Alanna clearly cares about Eridun and her people. They took us in, gave us a place to stay and are willing to help us with jobs, and making our lives here.

Alanna and her Dentoni saved us in the Waylan embassy. One of them died for us.

We clearly are in over our heads here. When we met with that Dentoni, we just believed her story. We didn’t check her story, we didn’t check her background. We were too trusting. We didn’t investigate properly.

How can I become a citizen of Eridun and work for her investigating the terrorist threat or other things, all the while lying to her about what happened with Brian Finch?

Part of me just wants to continue what I was doing in the A of A. I want to vanquish evil, make things safer for others, and defeat my enemies. I want to protect those who are unable to protect themselves. I want to get the “bad guy” and put them away. People should be held accountable for their actions. I need concrete enemies/opponents. Somebody attacks my friend, I want to defend us and attack him back.

I kind of wonder if law enforcement would be good for a career, but I don’t want to be a corrupt cop. How could I be part of the law enforcement here if I’m lying to the Quim and at any moment Brian Finch could use Anya’s life as leverage to make me do whatever he wants.

i would like to take the EATs, and see what occupations I would be suited for. I need some ideas of what to do next. Hopefully I have time to study for them.

Whatever I decide to do or where I will settle and live my life, I want to help Eridun deal with those terrorists. The fear and chaos that they are proving by these horrible acts will only increase as they get bolder and as they aim to achieve their objectives. So far damage and loss of life is minimal because they have magic to fix things, but there may come a point where it will go beyond what they can deal with. A group of people blew up a bazaar. They need to be apprehended and dealt with appropriately.

I don’t know if I should take the name Flintlock. I kind of feel that I haven’t earned that name yet. I miss my father. He died likely thinking I was dead. He died not knowing what actually happened to me. What happened to my sister? To me I only saw her a few days ago, but to her it has been hundreds of years. I want to see her, make sure she is okay. Did she marry, have a family? She obviously continued the legacy that our father started. She seems to have created a great Flinklock gunsmithing business and is very successful. She must be a master gunsmith. Will she consider teaching me? Taking me on as her apprentice? I feel like I’m so behind and that there is so much to learn. Compared to current firearms technology, with my ancient firearms, I feel like I have stone tools, when everyone else has adamantine swords.

I even wonder about our mother. I assume that she must have done her time and have been released from incarceration by now. Was she successfully rehabilitated into society? Where did she settle? What is she doing now? Did she remarry? Do I have any half-siblings?

And that Lord Shepard needs to be dealt with. Poor Meagre. It was horrible seeing the Weylan’s remains in the embassy. It was so sad, my heart was breaking. Dealing with that and the news of my father’s death is hitting me pretty hard. I’m having a hard time dealing with it right now. Maybe investigating the terrorists will give me something concrete to deal with. It will be good to have a mission again.

When I was little, I dreamed of being freed from slavery. I dreamed that the demon, devils and aberrants would be defeated. Both of those things happened. I know dreams can come true. I need to find some new dreams.

How Far we've Come

Anya left the room with no further questions. She had understood clearly that all that etiquette was merely to keep up appearances to impress foreign noble families and puffed out dignitaries. People so insecure in their own ability that they needed to be constantly reminded of how important they were through groveling and posturing of all those around them. Anya knew this wasn’t what the quim preferred no soldier with any dignity would insist on such ridiculous levels of pomp. Allana seemed much more down to earth than that and secure in her own ability. But.. no further questions Anya would obey the ridiculous ceremony while in public and go from there. If she even went through with the whole apprenticeship thing right now accepting felt to dishonest to false. there was no way a simplle slave girl draged into status by her parents hard work could ever qualify to be a war heroes apprentice without the drug she had in her system. She couldn’t tell Alanah about her predicament but she could refuse apprenticeship with a peculiar reason and let the quims inquisitive nature do the rest… These drugs, her mind didn’t feel like her own. she was making up plans understanding and analyzing people around her and the unnatural levels of confidence that coursed through her mind… Her lip stiffened, thats enough Anya no more fear. you may only have 6 days to live you damned better make sure you leave your friends something useful to survive with. Something that will help this incredible new world of the future. listen while reading (sorry about audio quality its a rare song)

She Dashed to her room easily regulating her heart rate so that she wasn’t even winded when she arrived. six fluid motions had her sitting at her desk with ink and quill in her hands. A thought cast her into the depth of her awakened mind grasping every Idea every association and every enlightened thought. She probed through her magical potential flexing it understanding it enhancing it. She pondered how to unlock the power and traits in herself and others with ideal training regimes techniques for awakening and testing ability. She pondered the interactions of those around her puzzled out possible plots and coarses of action to solve them. Ways of helping Meiger with the salvation of the Waylans. contingency plans for future encounters ways of freeing people from mind control experiments to conduct to minimize NZTs side effects ways of perminating its effects. Theories on magic, divinity, death, physics, sentience. The causality of her and her friends being cast into this time and the ripple effect it may be having. ways to charm every individual so that they may be brought to side with her and her friends. for hours she scribed all these things down carefully regulating when she needed to sleep so that she could have optimal capacity tomorrow to do the same thing. Every errant thought every great discovery she wrote down. If Anya Wayforger was to burn out in six days she would burn bright enough to light the way for all who seek passage through the darkness of this tumultuous age. to burn bright enough to forge a way for all who would look for it. Like her father before her she would be that light. Perhaps a small part of her had a faint hope that when she burned out that her memory might still live on. That she might be remembered fondly instead of a hindrance.

Alone in my room

Bronwyn paced back and forth in their small room trying to work off her agitation. For once she was glad that Meagre was with the others allowing her the privacy to lose her shit without an audience. Her friend didn’t take up any space and there was safety in numbers but Bronwyn needed to appear strong and confident. They were all so far out of their depth and it was getting worse by the second.

She had thought reaching out to the rouge would be a good thing. She could get back in, find a place and be earning her keep. Instead that slime working for George in Eiradun had targeted Anya.

Apparently having an agent in good with the Quim wasn’t enough for him. He would quickly overplay this ass backward plan. Bronwyn needed to keep Anya alive through it and prevent them all from being executed for treason. After that she would take out Brian Finch and replace him with herself. She paused in the middle of the room, the half formed plan calming her like nothing else. She had never aspired for much she wanted to be a gentleman thief surrounding herself in nice things and having the respect that went with being good at what you do. As an Honalian she had years to prefect her skills. The guild should be training her, develop another loyal member instead she would learn her trade taking them down. Eiradun was a beautiful city and it required a strong hand running the underground. If Brian was worth his ears there wouldn’t be out of control terrorists haunting the city. She would watch and learn and take him out. For now she would continue her morning calisthenics with Clyde and try to find a yoga class. Yoga was known to improve strength flexibility and health. She needed to be her best to take out Brian.


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