Will be Toruble pt 1

Matronsday the 7th of Ready’reat 381 ONT, 8:02pm, Rum Gully, Riverflat District, Eiradun

“So you think this is where the thinker is keeping the crystal?” William asked as he and Marion crouched looking down on the small cottage from a nearby rooftop. They had been tracking leads ever since they caught the Thinker three days ago, he was not giving up where he had stashed the Falgon Crystal, which the historical society wanted back. Apparently when Raven Everlast and Lord Strahd teamed up to kill a Demon Prince, the prince had shot a killing beam at the Everlast. The Everlast instead of dodging had pulled a small clear crystal from his pocket and captured the beam, causing the crystal to grow to the size of a dactyls head and turn a pink hew. William doubted the story, he couldn’t imagine anyone having that kind of time in a combat. That didn’t matter however, what mattered was that the historical society believed it, and more importantly had promised to keep it safe while it was on loan from the elves of High Port. The Thinker had stolen it, and Marion and William were tasked with getting it back.

“If that little gnome, Rudy, was telling the truth than these four fellows are here to collect the crystal and then get a fishing boat on the docks to try and cross the Prometheus tonight and disappear into the wildlands.” Marion said. They both watched as the group of darkly clad humans approached the cottage and knocked at the door, in moments they had entered.

“Want to take them here?” he asked

“No, let’s let them leave and take them a block or so away, then we can come back and mop up here… we don’t know how many are in the cottage so why make things harder” she responded. William nodded at that and scooted back from the edge before standing up and stretching. He was turning to leave and nearly jumped for the start as right before him was a small person. The fellow was short, maybe 5’2 and thin, with braided gray hair and amber eyes, he wore a dark blue studded leather armor with no insignia on it; on his back was a well-worn battle axe with a black haft and hiked up on his shoulder was a dark blue steel shield. The fellow coughed a couple times awkwardly

“Pardon me sir… mam…” he said nodding towards Marion, who by now had gained her feet and approached in confusion. William cast a glance from the man to the cottage, assuring their quarry would not get away. “Please… allow me to introduce myself?” the fellow said reaching into his pocket and producing a scroll “I am Joshua, Count Delacroix, Earl of Croy, Marquess of Ishlathal and Grant Island, Baronet of Theming, I am the descendent of the third daughter of Lord Pepsica the 4th, Lady Alice and proud citizen of Don-Ton.” He finished it all with a small flourish and bow. William looked to Marion who looked back equally confused before she spoke

“Please to meet you Lord Delacroix… what brings you to… ah… um… a roof top in Riverflat?” she said looking around to further emphasise the odd meeting place.

“an excellent query if ever there was one Ms.?”

“Marion… Dentoni Marion of Eiradun” she said with a little more authority

“Of course, Dentoni;” he bowed once more “You see though my career has been long and prosperous occasionally I take up work for various businesses to further grow the family capital… currently I am in the noble pursuit of a vagabond and wish to bring him to justice” Marion nodded her understanding

“You’re a bounty hunter”

“well… I suppose that is one way of looking at it yes”

“Eiradun as very strict rules on bounty hunters Count Delacroix, it would be best if you…”

“presented myself to the Dentoni Tower and assured my licence was in order before undertaking any activities that could be seen as illegal… yes, I have done so already as well as visiting the city guard and registering not only my handy Felicia…” he patted the haft of his axe lovingly, “But also my noble companion Cona…” he pointed to a snow owl sitting on a nearby chimney, the owl bristled and nodded at them. As he spoke he produced the scroll he was holding to Marion, denoting his rank, lineage, and appropriate licences. She took them quizzically and gave them a quick glance, everything seemed to be in order, she passed them back to Joshua who stowed them into a scroll case on his belt.

“If you are here for the crystal, I must say you are too late, Dentoni do not back away from a criminal because a bounty hunter shows up, I am afraid you will have to move on” she said to him

“Of course Dentoni, I would never dream of interfering with your investigation, and though a bounty has been placed for the crystal, it has not yet been ratified by the Guard office, so I would not be able to cash it in anyway”

“Oh…” said Marion “Then if I may Lord Del…”

“Count, My Lady”

“Count Delacroix… Why are you here?”

“Of course… I am here to bring Master William Brutus into my custody. William Brutus…” he said the smile and jovialness leaving his features, his voice became hard and commanding “I have here a ratified bond requiring your arrest, on behalf of the Omar Incorporation. Currently the Bond requests that you are brought in Alive, but be warned by the laws of the land I am allowed to use force in defense of myself, and reasonable force to subdue you should you resist capture. Please surrender your weapons and magical items and allow me to bind your hands. Do this willingly and know you will be detained in comfort for the duration of our journey together and that I will testify to your cooperation before those who placed the bounty.” He looked long and hard at William who was slightly shocked, Marion wore a similar look on her face as she tried to figure out what her legal grounds were. William looked down at his loaded crossbow, but Joshua spoke up interrupting his thoughts “I know you are an accomplished warrior and archer, there will be a rather large urge to attempt to fight and flee, please know that this is not my first bounty, and I have taken precautions… now perhaps you are indeed better than I, but even if you succeed in killing me, you will have committed murder in front of a local law enforcement and that will be added to your crimes on your bounty when further members come searching for you, please… surrender quietly”



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