Form 1

Form I Shii-Cho

Form I, also called “The Way of the Badger,” is the most basic form of Waylen blade combat — and the most ancient. For this reason, it is the first form of Waylen Blade combat that most Guard Mice learn. It was developed as the Guard transitioned from using traditional swords to using Waylen Blades.

The moves of Form I focus on disarming one’s opponent without hurting him. Its wide, sweeping motions are useful when facing multiple enemies, but do not work well against Waylen Blade wielding opponents.


Form 1 is the foundation upon which the remaining forms are built. it is not the best style for ranged deflection or for dueling against other Waylen blades but its a superior all-around form that a Guard Mouse can fall back on in the heat of combat. Thus a Guard Mouse must demonstrate mastery of this form before they can continue.

Form 1

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