Form 2

Form II: Makashi

Form II, also called “The Way of the Snake,” developed when the Guard began fighting Fallen Ones and other blade weilders. It emphasizes precision, simple footwork, and preventing disarmament, and thus is a strong defense against Form I. Curved-hilt blades made it easier to control the one-handed fighting style.

After the Fallen Ones were all but destroyed and duels became uncommon once again few Guard Mice studied Form II. Those who did admired it as the most elegant form of Waylen Blade combat.


Makashi practitioners keep both feet, oine in front of the other, on a line and advance or retreat along this line, avoiding the leaps and acrobatics of Form IV. It is a one-handed style, thus its adherents prefer using a well balanced blade.

A successful Makashi duel is quickly ended by penetrating an opponents defenses and landing a Mark of Contact or disarming strike . Form II duels are a respected tradition among those Guard Mice who have earned the honorific of blade-master.

Makashi fluid attacks and feints provide a critical edge during duels to the death, very few apprentices elect to study form II these days as the odds of encountering a blade wielding enemy are very small, however Makashi is still considered the most disciplined of all forms and well worth study.

Form 2

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