Form 3

Form III: Soresu

Form III, also called “The Way of the Clava,” was developed to defend against ranged attacks,. It is characterized by tight, efficient movements that shield the Guard Mouse’s body, using the Waylen Blade primarily as a defensive weapon to deflect arrows and bolts.

The practice of Form III is an important reflection of Waylen philosophy, as it emphasizes the Guard Mouse belief in calmness and non-aggression. A Guard Mouse using Form III must center herself in the weave in order to anticipate her opponents’ movements and successfully block ranged fire. It is said that masters in this form can deflect magical attacks

Soresu is the most inward directed of all forms and so those wishing to master it should practice their meditation. You are to be the calm eye of the storm as your enemies rage about you.

Soresu is the ideal blade style for any exploring Guard Mouse. A lone Guard Mouse can withstand an ambush from twenty ranged based thugs by doping into a “Moving Meditation” By using this enlightened state a Guard Mouse can perceive the position of each enemy and the moves necessary to intercept every attack. Extended use of this precognitive state has been known to open Guard Mice minds to long term visions.


When Form III is used to fight other blade wielding opponents., Guard Mice should pull all moves close to the body, seldom make sweeps or lunges. This creates a strong defensive cocoon that makes it difficult for an enemy to land more than a glancing blow. It also means that a Soresu Master is unable to mount a counterattack. The minimalist defense preserves a Guard Mouses energy reserves while simultaneously tiring an opponent and an exhausted enemy will eventually slip up, allowing a Form III master to score a victory.

Form 3

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