Form 4

Form IV: Ataru

Form IV, also called “The Way of the Hawk-Bat,” is an aggressive, acrobatic style. A practitioner of this form channels the Weave to achieve high-speed movements, impossible leaps, and deadly strikes. To an outsider, it appears as a wild rush of movement.

Its use of acrobatics makes Form IV difficult to master and dangerous to attempt. Even with the aid of the Weave, a Guard Mouse risks expending too much energy in a short burst of offensive strikes, leaving himself open to attacks if he cannot defeat the enemy quickly enough.

The Moves of Ataru are more disciplined than its wild rush would indicate. Many moves are related to the “Falling leaf Technique” which came into favour some 200 years ago.

To Accomplish any of the moves of Ataru the practitioner must have mastered the footwork of su ma. unlike other, more rooted forms, Ataru requires Guard Mice to use all axes of motion within a three dimensional space. jung su ma, a rapid spin; ton su ma, a somersault; and en su ma, a cartwheel. A Skilled Guard Mouse uses all three moves in conjunction with teh Weave to leap higher and job faster than opponents can react , as well as to keep tired muscles energized until the end of a battle.


Ataru is best used against a single larger opponent. Against multiple foes a Guard Mouse will need to adopt at least the pretense of defense, at which point a shift to Form III is advisable unless you are a true Ataru Master

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