Form 5

Form V: Shien / Djem So

Form V, also called “The Way of the Dragon,” developed out of Form III, utilizing its precise defensive motions to create a more offensive fighting style. Its basic premise is using one’s natural strength to dominate an opponent.

The first variation, Shien, focuses on deflecting ranged attacks back at targets. This allows a Guard Mouse to defend herself while simultaneously using the enemies’ weapons against them.

The second variation, Djem so, applies the same principle to Blade duels. It focuses on blocking an enemy attack, then using that energy to segue into a counterattack


Form V requires a lot of strength to master, Guard Mice without the natural ability to overpower their opponents should study another form. Conversely a Guard Mouse with a towering stature and imposing musculature may choose to focus on Form V, particularly because it requires less agility than other forms.

Form 5

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