Form 6

Form VI: Niman

Form VI, also called “The Way of the Otter,” is a synthesis of elements from the five previous forms. It is especially popular among Guard Mice who do not focus on combat training, as it is easy to master and execute — for this reason, however, Guard Mice who have mastered other forms may view it as inferior.

The basis of Form VI is combining Waylen blade combat with other Weave techniques. For example, a Guard Mouse may use telekinesis to push away enemies, allowing her to better manage a group of fighters by facing them one at a time. Form VI is the primary fighting style of Guard Mice who dual-wield Blades.

Niman is not as precise as Form II, as defensive as Form III, nor as Kinetic or dominating as Forms IV and V; it draws from all styles to create a hybrid form marked for its practicality.


Many battlemasters and Guard Mice do not consider Niman sufficiently demanding. While it is true that it would be nearly impossible for a Form VI adherent to defeat an expert in Makashi, this doesn’t mean that the style isn’t useful for facing down criminals and thugs. Thus for Diplomats, honorary Guard Mice or Waylens not initiated into the Guard who devote a high percentage of their time to study or peacekeeping it is a form easily mastered.

Form 6

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