Scarab Sages

Scarab Sages

Unlock the wisdom of the past for a brighter future.


Pelegious and the Honalians are among the oldest nations on Argyle, yet there greatness has waxed and waned over the ages. During its first great decline, an order of sages formed to catalogue and preserve its wonders for a future dynasty, storing the secrets both in writing and within enchanted gems. The order shattered during the great exidous , but a pair of scholars have revived the organization in order to recapture the Honalians lost glory, expand the mission beyond that nation’s borders, and disseminate this forgotten knowledge to bring about a new golden age on Argyle.

The Scarab Sages Pathfinder

The archaeologists, historians, and lore seekers who are drawn to the Pathfinder Society find welcome allies among the Scarab Sages. Members of the faction often place a higher value on the recovery of lost lore than on the magnificence of the tomb it came from. Further, they prioritize the preservation of ancient sites and avoid needlessly damaging the creations of past cultures while attempting to extract their secrets. This relatively cautious approach often appeals to the more methodical researcher, yet ambitious plans also attract daring explorers. Despite the Scarab Sages’ ties to the Honalians, the faction aims to expand its influence throughout Argyle. As a result, it recruits agents from many nations and many backgrounds. Most Scarab Sages faction Pathfinders are lawful-aligned.

The Scarab Sages is still a young faction, and it strives to reclaim the surviving relics of the Jeweled Sages and uncover other sources of ancient knowledge from Corus’s past. Rebuilding the order depends on recovering more of the original sage jewels that store the secrets of the past, and it is imperative that only the most worthy, wise, and capable candidates should wield them. As a result, members of the Scarab Sages should be on the lookout for both these gems and for extraordinary individuals to recruit as new sages. In order to lay the groundwork for expanding the faction’s influence, members should also take steps to preserve ancient sites so that unscrupulous looters and vandals do not further damage these links to the past.

Scarab Sages

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