The Jumbo Potato Hobby Store

What a place, this two stories Shop stands at the corner of two main streets in Eiradon

Let’s talk about Hobbys, Master Kehi Forgebreaker of Eiradun of Clan Durin knows a thing or two.

the shop has a few basics you may find in any general store, but if you need something odd or different here is the place to be, Game sets, books, cards, paintings, clay and art supplies, sporting equipment, toys, taxidermy tools, butterfly boards, Erotic Sculptures, Wing Ti Tea Sets, or even a small selection of foreign foods

if you practice it as a hobby or have heard of it being practiced, Master Kehi has probably tried it if not has a few vital pieces of equipment to it… The Hobby Store is a favorite of children who come their begging treats of teh delightful owner and often end up mesmerized by his toys and other wares

The Jumbo Potato Hobby Store

Liberty Argyle