Waylen Blades

The Waylen Blade is the weapon of a Guard Mouse. Most Blades are customized by the Guard Mouse who forges them, but a standard Waylen Blade consists of a hilt made of metal a focusing crystal that allows the Weave to flow from the wielder into the blade, and the blade itself which is constructed from hardened weave energies.

Throughout Guard training you will be taught to construct a blade of your own.

The use of a Waylen blade are many for it is a tool and not limited to combat, a blade can form a shield to intercept and deflect incoming magical and physical attacks, in can cut through wood and most metals. It can evaporate liquids and illuminate park passageways. During the hours apprentices are allowed to handle a training blade, treat it with respect, one day this blade will save you life. Apprentices are typically not allowed to handle a true Waylen blade until they can complete the sevinte cadence with strikes coming within a hands-breadth of your opponent. years of study and practice are required to reach this point.

There are Seven forms of Waylen Blade Combat. A Guard Mouse Apprentice is taught to focus only on Form one before deciding which form to specialize in

Form 1

Form 2

Form 3

Form 4

Form 5

Form 6

Form 7

Waylen Blades

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